Please note that MySwimPro is no longer compatible with the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. See a full list of compatible smartwatches here >
This innovation was born out of our third annual internal hackathon, and we’re thrilled to create a native application for a growing community.

The MySwimPro App is and available for download on iPhone and Android. The app offers personalized coaching through workouts that rotate every day. You can also select the pool size and skill level so that workouts are even more customized to your ability level!

The MySwimPro app features real-time heart rate and smart vibrations that create an awesome swim training experience. The workout loads onto the watch and then guides you through each set as if you had a personal swim coach. It’s an amazing feeling having a coach on your wrist and something we’ve developed through our Apple Watch and Android Wear apps.

The Fitbit Ionic smart watch is Fitbit’s first wearable to feature a touch screen with water resistance to 50 meters. The new Fitbit App Store is home to the MySwimPro workout app and also other apps like Starbucks and the Weather App!

Below are the key features of the Fitbit Ionic:

  • Water-resistant to 50 meters
  • 5 Day battery life
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • High resolution touchscreen & amplified brightness up to 1000 nits

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Stay tuned, because we have many more features coming to the MySwimPro Fitbit App along with all our wearable and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you don’t have a waterproof wearable, that’s ok – you can still get all the training benefits of our massive swim workout library for iPhone and Android!

If you have questions about the MySwimPro Fitbit App or any of our other products, please contact me at



  1. fitnit ionic is water resistant upto 50 meters which makes it one of the best smartwatch in the segment.This myswimpro app is very useful for swimmers for tracking the activity.

  2. Christopher Leigh TenBroeck on

    When will it have the same features as the Apple Watch version? With only the pre-programmed daily workout it’s fairly useless.

  3. Same question here. I downloaded the app on my phone thinking I could link it that way, no luck. Can’t find out how to get the app on my Ionic watch.

    • Search ‘All’ apps in the Fitbit Ionic App Store. Our app loads the workout of the day across three levels and the two different pool lengths. Keep us posted! Happy Swimming!

        • Currently the MySwimPro Ionic App only supports the Workout of the Day. We do intent to improve the scope of functionality over the coming months.

  4. Anton Houthuys on

    Hi guys, I tried the app out today, it works great. I have some feedback. I think the app is nice and unique in its possibilities. It would be really nice to see your stats afterwards though. Ideally the data would be synced with fitbit and/or strava. Custom workouts would also be great. Thanks guys keep up the work.

    • Hi Anton, thanks for your message and great feedback! See below for some answers on your questions 🙂
      1. Stats after a swim: You can track your stats after your swim if you tap on a workout that’s in your feed. If you pair your account with a smartwatch, it will automatically track your split times and heart rate. Then if you open the app in your phone you’ll be able to see these stats.
      2. Sync with Fitbit + Strave: This is on our radar, stay tuned for feedback! You can currently sync the activity data to your phone’s native health app.
      3. Custom workouts: You can create your own custom workout if you tap ‘+Log’ then ‘New Workout’.
      Let us know if you have any further questions. Happy swimming!

      • How do you get the workouts in your app to upload to the fitbit versa? I just subscribee to your service hoping I could upload any workout.

        • Hi Tara,
          Thanks for your question. That is currently in development and will be released in the upcoming months. Sorry about the delay, but stay tuned for our announcement! Thank you! -Paige

    • Hi Henry! Yes the MySwimPro app does track your swimming times. If you pair it with a smartwatch, it can track your distance, total duration, and split times. If you don’t have a watch, you can manually enter in your times in the phone app. Happy swimming!

  5. George Bartley on

    Does the MySwimPro work with the Fitbit Versa. I have seen it both ways (Fitbit Versa and Ionic, as well as just Ionic on the web.
    George Bartley

    • Hi George,
      Yes our app works with both the Fitbit Versa and the Ionic. Currently we do have limited features on both watches, where you can only access our Workout of the Day. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions! 🙂

  6. Hi. I can no longer access the WoD on my Fitbit Versa. I’ve been asked to add an authorisation code in the phone app and can no long load the session. DO i need a premium subscription?

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your message. We recently made an update to our Fitbit app so that our Community Members have access to more workouts, similar to our other wearable apps.
      Moving forward, you have access to our free MySwimPro app. This includes a selection of free workouts, training videos and swim logging tools.
      If you’d like to unlock the Workout of the Day, Training Plans and more workouts, those are now part of the Premium Subscription on the Fitbit.
      We’ve been offering the WOD on the Fitbit due to limited capabilities of other functionalities on the watch, but now that the update is out, we have to align our subscription packages across all devices.
      Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions. If you’re interested in upgrading to Premium, you can start a free 7-day trial here –

  7. I am trying to decide if I should keep my Fitbit Charge 3. Is there any chance that you plan to make your app compatible with the new Charge 3?

    • I’m in the same situation as Shanna. I upgraded to the Charge 3 as it was marketed as a watch to use during swim workouts. With the base software from Fitbit, this is mis-marketed, it doesn’t have enough information to be a swim watch. If Swim Pro releases to the Charge 3 it will be, but as it is now it is pretty worthless for swimming. Is anything in the works or should I return this watch?

      • Hi Jen, thanks for your message and I’m sorry that you purchased a device that isn’t compatible :disappointed: Unfortunately we currently don’t have any plans to develop for the Charge 3, so I would recommend returning it and purchasing an Ionic or Versa. Hope this helps, thanks! – Paige

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