We’re so excited to announce the launch of our Triathlon Tracker for the Apple Watch!

Triathlon Tracker is a new app that lets you record multi-sport races or workouts from start to finish without ever needing to touch the screen on the Apple Watch! Just tap the side buttons when starting and ending each transition.

Below are some more details about how it works!

LIVE Analytics:

  • Total time
  • Heart rate
  • Time in discipline
  • Distance in discipline
  • Pace in discipline

Post Race/Workout Analytics:

  • Time for each discipline
  • Distance for each discipline
  • Time for each transition
  • Maps of each discipline
  • Heart rate in Activity app

Supported Race/Workout Types:

  • Triathlon*
  • Duathlon
  • Aquathon*
  • Swim/Bike Brick*
  • Bike/Run Brick

*Swimming activities are only available for Apple Watch Series 2 and later. Triathlon Tracker supports both Open Water and Pool swims, with a custom pool length to adapt to any pool. All activity is logged to Apple Health, requiring watchOS 4 or above.

Multi-Sport Tracking

Multi-Sport tracking refers to doing multiple disciplines of different sports in rapid succession without a long break in-between each discipline. Triathlon is the most common type of multi-sport competition that Triathlon Tracker is designed specifically for.

1) Swim

Most triathlons are done in the open water, but there are a growing number of races that hold the swimming portion of the triathlon in a pool. Triathlon Tracker works with both pool and open water swims in a triathlon. After tapping on Triathlon, you simply select if you’re going to race in the pool or open water.

Triathlon Race Distances:

  • Sprint: 500-750m
  • Olympic: 1,500m
  • Half-Ironman: 2.1km
  • Ironman: 4.2km

2) Bike

Triathlon Race Distances:

  • Sprint: 20km
  • Olympic: 40km
  • Half-Ironman: 56mi
  • Ironman: 112mi

3) Run

Triathlon Race Distances:

  • Sprint: 5k
  • Olympic: 10k
  • Half-Ironman: 13.1mi
  • Ironman: 26.2mi

Brick Workouts

Brick Workouts combine two of the three triathlon sports into a single workout. Doing this can better prepare you for the changing demands of each discipline come race day. Teaching your body to gauge pace when going from one discipline to another is particularly important. It can be easy to push too hard at the beginning of the bike or run, which can cause you to fatigue by the end. The two most common Brick workouts are both accessible within Triathlon Tracker:

  • Swim/Bike
  • Bike/Run

Open Water Training Plan

A training plan is a critical component to the success of reaching your goals in swimming! This 12-week Open Water Training Plan will get you ready to swim a fast 1,500m race!

  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Workouts: 30
  • Average Workout: 2,200 meters = 60 minutes
  • Goal: Race in a 1,500 meter open water race

If you’re training for an Olympic Distance Triathlon or Open Water Race, this plan is perfect for you. It’s designed for a beginner to advanced swimmer looking to improve their 1,500m open water swim. Checkout the MySwimPro app for iPhone or Android to access this training plan!



1. Enable Health and Location permissions
2. Tap START on the Tri Tracker watch app
3. Press the two side buttons simultaneously to mark the beginning and end of each transition
4. Press the two side buttons once more at the finish line



  1. Jonathan Hodel on

    I know your triathlon tracker app posts to the health app but does it also post to the activity app as workouts?

  2. How do you start the app when the face of the watch is locked for an open water swim? Whenever i use the Swim App for a swim workout, the watch automatically locks and won’t unlock until I rotate the dial.

  3. Most triathlons I’ve done have a floating start, as it’s near impossible to start the app with wet fingers can it be started by pressing the 2 buttons?

  4. It would be nice if I could transfer my results on my Garmin Connect web site and download them in a gpx file.

  5. Matthew Pilling on

    Can the order of the events be switched? The city I live in does a reverse sprint tri each year (run, bike, then swim).

    • Hi Jackie! Yep, it will work for that. As long as you have a fully charged battery, it will track your race however long you go after you tap on the 2 side buttons. Hope this helps, good luck in your race!

  6. Hi,
    In the description of the app says that it can log swim/run (run/swim) races. Does this mean that I can transition swim-run-swim-run-swim…run several times?

      • Jerker Dufwenberg on

        I would appreciate a fix for this, as Swimrun (as a sport) in becoming ever more popular (at least here in Sweden). And – I love it 😎

  7. With the custom events update. Can I add more than three events in order? Like swim/run/swim/run Yucando mentioned before? That’s the ultimate app update I’m looking for.

  8. Can you start the triathlon from the side buttons yet? This is a fundamental feature, as others have said it’s very tricky to press start when your watch is wet from an in-water start

    • Hi Ashley, thanks for your comment. The Tri Tracker app currently does not sync to Strava, sorry about that! It might be a new feature in the future though!
      – Paige

      • Hi all, just use the HealthFit app, this is able to upload all data from this app to Strava or the standard Apple Activity app (or both). Works super with the Triathlon tracker app.

        • My activities are recorded as individual races, not as a combined event. For instance, a triathlon will be recorded separately as a swim, a bike and a run, in the HealthFit app and thus in Strava. It would be better if it recorded as a combined event. Do you have this issue as well?

          • Hi Michiel – thank you for your question. We currently don’t have this functionality built in the app, but I forwarded your request to our product team as a suggestion. Thank you for your feedback! – Paige

  9. Hello! So I am looking for an app to train for the triathlon and that means I will not be doing all activities daily, often I’ll do only one activity per day. Does the app also track one activity?

    • Hi Marianna! Currently, the Tri Tracker app only tracks all 3 disciplines, and our MySwimPro app tracks and coaches you through swim workouts. We are actually working on releasing a triathlon training app! This will include multi-week training plans for all 3 disciplines. Please email adam@myswimpro.com and he can tell you more about it 🙂 He can also add you to the beta program so you can test the new app. Thanks!

  10. Carolyn Sanders on

    Hi-Sounds like a great app. I’m getting ready to participate in a half ironman triathlon, though, and I don’t think the battery will last through the entire race, could be 7 hours and I’ve read that with GPS, the Apple Watch 4 has 6 hours of battery time. I’m trying to figure out a way to bypass GPS until the run portion, making the assumption that GPS uses a significant amount of battery, and I really don’t need until then. With your app, it sounds like GPS (location services) has to be on-is this correct? Any other suggestions for using this app and enabling the Apple Watch to last through a long race would be appreciated.

    • Hi Carolyn! Thank you for your message. I would recommend trying a “Custom Event” and make it:
      1. Open water swim
      2. Indoor bike (no GPS)
      3. Run
      Test it out before your race, and let us know what you find! Thanks!

  11. It would be great if the post-race analytics included what is tracked during the race via LIVE analytics (on the watch). After the race, I wasn’t able to see what the total time was or any pace info.

    • David – thank you for your feedback! I have forwarded this onto our team. Please let us know if you have any other questions or recommendations. Thanks – Paige

  12. Hi! Am I able to track swim/run/swim/run… for a couple of times? And if I can, how do I do that? Kind regards

  13. Hi, small question… does it register the 4th discipline ? i.e. transitions ?
    And total time of the tri ?
    Many thanks

    • Taylor Holmes on

      Hi Derrick, if your Apple Watch has cellular, it also has GPS! It will track your activities using GPS, so it is best to make sure the GPS is set up appropriately.

    • Taylor Holmes on

      Hi there! There are two ways to transition between segments (swim, bike, run, or transition) or end the workout:
      1. Force touch (hard press) the screen and tap on the transition menu icon (you will need to spin the crown to disable water lock first)
      2. Press the two side buttons once at the same time (recommended)
      If you use the side buttons, only a SINGLE press of the two buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY will advance the workout forward.
      DO NOT press and hold the buttons down — holding them down for five seconds will restart your watch and end your workout. Hope this helps!

    • Taylor Holmes on

      Hi Chris, you can download a third-party app such as Health Fit to import your swim training from MySwimPro into Training Peaks. Hope this helps!

    • Hi there! Tri Tracker is an Apple Watch app only, so it does not support Garmin at this time. However, you can sync to Strava via Apple Health!

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