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How to Sync Your MySwimPro Swim Workouts to Strava

Whether you have your sights set on competing in your first Ironman or if you’re looking to improve your freestyle technique, MySwimPro will help you get there. Sync your workouts to Strava to see all of your fitness activities in one place!

MySwimPro is the #1 swim and dryland app. Start your journey with personalized Guided Workouts, Training Plans, Technique Videos, and Detailed Analytics and tracking tools. 

Get all the data you need when you sync your workouts with Strava!

Connect your Strava Account to MySwimPro

  1. Open the MySwimPro mobile app on your iPhone or Android
  2. Tap Settings on your Profile tab and navigate to Devices & Integrations
  3. Enable Sync to Strava and authorize MySwimPro to access your Strava account
  4. That’s it! Choose a swim or dryland workout to get started!

Analyze and Share Data

All of your swim and dryland workouts are recorded in the MySwimPro app, allowing you to analyze your performance and keep track of your progress. Instantly upload your swim to Strava and inspire your friends.

Read how swimmers are training with both apps > 

Share Workouts on Strava

Strava is the social network for athletes. When you connect your MySwimPro account to Strava, you can post a recap of every swim or dryland workout to your Strava profile.

Note that your total swimming time and pace may differ from Strava to MySwimPro. This is due to the way Strava tracks your workouts: They only look at moving time, while MySwimPro factors in the entire duration of your workout, including rest periods.

Track Your Stats in Strava

See the data behind every swim or dryland workout in Strava. Track your heart rate and get an in-depth analysis of your pace for each set.

For open water swimmers, you can now see a GPS map of your swim too!

“I typically swim 2,000-3,000 yards 4x a week and cycle 5x a week. I am getting ready for some cycling races, so I’m using this time to swim and build muscle in my legs without risking injury. Being in the water feels so good.

The MySwimPro workouts are perfect, and the integration to Strava is seamless. I used to have to export and upload data files, but now all my data is synced automatically so I can track my training plan details, pace data, heart rate data and more.”

– Iain Sainsbury, competitive cyclist and masters swimmer from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Cross-Train With Strava

When you incorporate running and cycling into your training schedule, you’ll see huge improvements in the water. Strava allows you to log running and cycling workouts, plus a variety of other activities.

“I work out 6 days a week, cycle 4x week, and swim and run once a week. Mixing in some swimming is the perfect way to build new muscles and still work on your endurance for marathon training.

After I complete a MySwimPro workout on my Apple Watch, I love seeing it in my Strava feed next to my running and cycling activities. I can now see everything at once and make training decisions off of the simplified data.”   

– Erin Cameron, former collegiate swimmer and marathon runner from Mountain View, California.

We also invite you to join the MySwimPro Club on Strava to share your workout achievements and stay motivated with kudos from our global swimming community.

Swim Coaching

MySwimPro is the largest digital community of swimmers in the world. Download the app and follow us on YouTube for workout ideas, technique tips, and free workout ideas!

Personalized Training Plans

Choose from swimming and dryland training programs that are personalized to your skill level with our dynamic training algorithm.

Workouts are individually calibrated to your fitness level and lay the foundation for structured training programs.

Check out some of these training plans below: 

Device Support

Start your structured Training Plan with the MySwimPro iPhone or Android app. MySwimPro supports Apple and Garmin smartwatches. You can see a full list of compatible devices here.

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