Get your favorite swimmer something they love.

We researched the top swimming products and put together the ultimate guide to this season’s best gifts for swimmers. Treat that special person to a gift that will help them reach their swimming goals – or just treat yourself! Enjoy!

1 – Training Swimsuit

Every swimmer enjoys a new swimsuit to train in! Check out our recommendations below for everyday lap swimming and open water swimming.

In general, we recommend suits that have less fabric, but still make you feel comfortable. Extra fabric will slow you down and make you less efficient in the water. We also recommend that you select a suit made of durable fabric. A good tip is to aim for a suit that is made up of at least 50% polyester.

A swimsuit that covers your legs is most commonly used at highly competitive swim meets. This is because these technical racing suits are made of fabric that is essentially “better” than your skin in the water. If you’re looking for a modest or full-coverage training suit, try to avoid options that cover your legs. Save this jammer style for your competition suit. Scroll to section #2 for our competition swimsuit options.


Check out the 3 most popular swimsuit styles for men. For a full selection of options, click here.


A lot of men prefer wearing “jammers” (a swimsuit that reaches your knees to cover your thighs) when looking for a full-coverage option. As comfortable as these are, we actually advise against them. Save this longer style for a technical racing suit, which features state-of-the-art fabric to help you swim faster in competition.

Instead of a jammer style that will add more resistance in the water, we recommend a polymesh suit, also known as a “drag suit.” This style is efficient in the water, gives you full coverage, and will last for years. Pair a regular brief-style suit underneath this polymesh suit option from Speedo and you’ll be ready for a great swim.

Polymesh Suit – also known as a drag suit:

Pair it with a full-coverage men’s brief:

Or, you can go for a Square Leg style that gives you optimal support, minimal drag, and a more modest look. Check out this option from Funky Trunks:

Medium Coverage:

If you’re looking for something with less fabric, and even less drag – go for a Euro style. This option from Arena is great, and will last for years.

If you’re looking for an option that has thicker fabric and is super sturdy, go for a water polo suit. Zumo makes great suits that can be used for both lap swimming and water polo:


There are so many suit options out there for active women. We recommend a suit that is durable, comfortable, and double-lined. A suit that is primarily made of Polyester will last for years. Try to avoid any padded cups in the bra, and strappy halter tops. The simpler the suit, the better. Avoid extra shirring, ruching, leggings, zippers or add-ons that will add resistance in the water. Check out our recommendations below, or click here to see more.

One-Piece Full Coverage:

If you want to add more coverage, there are many options out there. Just make sure that your suit has very sturdy straps, it doesn’t restrict your movement, and is at least 50% made of Polyester. This fabric will keep up the longest. Avoid a water polo suit because it probably won’t be very comfortable. Here’s a great option:

The Speedo Endurance collection are very well-known for their durability. Check out this fuller-coverage option:

This high-neck one-piece from Speedo is great swimming outdoors, as it provides sun coverage and UPF 50+ protection.

Here’s another great option from Funkita, made 100% from Polyester.

This Quantum Fusion Splice from Speedo features supportive thick straps:

Full-Body Modest Swimsuit:

LYRA Swim offers amazing options for modest swimwear. This SOFIA-MINK suit is perfect for the pool or beach, with UPF 50+ protection against UV rays.

One-Piece Medium Coverage:

When choosing a one-piece swimsuit, a medium-coverage option is great because it has less fabric to drag you down while swimming. There are tie-back and fixed-back options that range in fit, just aim for a double-lined suit that is at least 50% polyester.

This tie-back Jackson style from JOLYN is 100% polyester and super comfortable with adjustable straps.

Here’s a solid fixed-back choice from the Speedo Endurance collection:

One-Piece Slim Coverage:

Here are two of our favorite swimsuit styles that feature less fabric, for added style and optimal efficiency in the water.

This strappy one-piece from Funkita is unique, comfortable, and comes in so many fun colors and patterns:

This Gavin Tie-Back Onesie from JOLYN features fun cut-outs on the hips for a stylish look, and adjustable straps to fit your upper body just right.

Two-Piece Full Coverage:

Most swimwear brands offer two-pieces that are built for swimming laps. We recommend finding one that is adjustable in the right areas, so that it does not fall off while you’re swimming. Avoid padded cups, halter necks, and bottoms that tie on the side. Check out this fun, fuller coverage option from Funkita.

Two-Piece Medium Coverage

JOLYN makes awesome active bikinis, while offering a lot of style. We love this Tomcat Tie-Back top because it’s adjustable and water flows through the front while swimming. These Europe Bottoms include a sturdy drawstring! That is crucial when training in a bikini.

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2 – Competition Swimsuit

When competing in a swim meet, you can choose to wear a typical training swimsuit, or purchase a technical racing suit.

A technical racing suit, also know as a tech suit, is a highly-manufactured compression swimsuit that helps you swim faster, glide longer, and reduce fatigue. They feature the latest rigid stretch fabric technology to mould the suit to the body with maximum compression. If you pair a tight tech suit with shaving your entire body, your body is leaner than ever and you’ll move quicker in the water.

Get our Tips for Buying Your First Tech Suit then check out our picks below for racing suits!


When competing, you’ll want to get a suit that features compression fabric, and features fabric that covers your thighs.

Casual Competitor:

If you want to dip your toes into competing without breaking the bank, we recommend a suit like this option from Arena:

Serious Competitor:

For optimal performance in your next race, you’ll need to pay extra for the right suit. Go for a technical racing suit that has advanced fabric and stiching, like this Men’s LZR from Speedo.


Casual Competitor:

Not every swimmer needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a technical racing suit. If you are a casual swimmer who wants to compete a few times per year, we recommend an option like this one from Speedo:

Serious Competitor:

If you are competing in a statewide or national swim meet, we recommend purchasing a fuller-length tech suit. There are dozens of options out there for women, we recommend getting fitted by a sales representative to make sure you’re getting the perfect size suit.

This Open Back Venzo Genesis option from TYR is amazing:

This VICI Open Back option from A3 Performance is a classic, yet affordable suit for your next race:

3 – Goggles

Goggles typically don’t last longer than a few years, and we all know how easy it is to accidentally misplace a pair. It’s always nice to have a spare pair of goggles on hand! Or, gift a pair of dark-tinted goggles (for swimming outdoors) to enjoy in the summertime.

Indoor Goggles

We always recommend opting for smaller goggles, rather than larger goggles. These Speedo Vanquishers are great. They come in men’s and women’s styles.

If you’re on a budget, we recommend getting Swedish style goggles. They come in many colors, and are super simple. The nosepiece is very adjustable and easily fits most faces. We recommend pairing these with a pair of bungee straps, for extra durability!

Outdoor Goggles (Dark-Tinted)

If you’re swimming in an outdoor pool or open water, you’ll want darker goggles to protect your eyes from the sun. Most goggle brands offer 3 options – clear, dark-tinted or mirrored. Go for mirrored or dark.

If you want to spend a little more, you can order TheMagic5 goggles and have them custom-made to your face shape. Save 15% with code MSP15 🙂

Open Water Goggles

For open water swimming, some swimmers prefer goggles that are a little wider on their face. This gives you more visibility out of the corner of your eye. We highly recommend that these are dark-tinted or mirrored to protect your eyes from the sun. Check out these from Kayenne Goggles from Aqua Sphere:

There are so many options for goggles. Our best advice is to try a few pairs until you find the right fit. You can shop from a huge collection in stores or online, check out all these options.

4 – Swim Cap

Every swimmer needs a swim cap! They also don’t last forever, so this is a great stocking stuffer that is super affordable.

Latex Swim Cap

Latex swim caps are lightweight, and very affordable. Most swim brands carry these, and offer them in patterns and colors. One size fits all.

Silicone Swim Cap

Silicone swim caps are more durable, and more comfortable. They are a bit more expensive, but last a long time. One size fits all and they come in many fun colors and patterns!

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can do some research online for swim caps that come with a little more personality. Check out this one from Funkita:

If you have a lot of hair, you might need to size up to a larger swim cap. This 100% silicone XL cap is perfect for swimmers with dreadlocks, braids, afros and extra long hair.

If you always find yourself hitting your head on the wall while swimming backstroke, check out this protective swim cap. Hammerhead produced a cap that helps reduce the shock of repetitive head strikes in the pool.

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5 – Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

Take your swim training to the next level with a smartwatch! Pair your MySwimPro app to the watch and you’ll get your very own swim coach on your wrist.

There are many options out there for smartwatches, each with different features. We recommend one that works with the MySwimPro app, tracks your heart rate, and includes GPS tracking if. you swim in open water.

See which smartwatches sync with the MySwimPro app here.

6 – Training Equipment


Get a pair of fins and your legs will thank you forever. We highly suggest that every swimmer incorporate fins into their kicking sets, as they’re a great way to build leg strength and foot flexibility. Check out our tips for swimming with fins. Here are a few options:

For beginners:

This fin from TYR is ideal for lap swimming. They’ll help you swim faster, and easy on the foot with minimal blisters.

For intermediate – advanced swimmers:

The Powerfin Pro Swim Fins are ideal for advanced swimmers. These fins feature a short blade and a specially engineered design for high-frequency, fast kick.


Intermediate to advanced swimmers typically train with a snorkel for a segment of their workouts. Snorkels are a great tool for helping swimmers concentrate on their head position and body alignment by removing the head movements required for breathing.

For beginner swimmers, we recommend this great option from FINIS:

For more advanced swimmers, check out the Stability Snorkel from FINIS. It features a cushioned resting spot that fits the natural curve of your forehead.


Every swimmer needs a kickboard. It’s a simple piece of equipment that will helps with kicking drills and improving leg strength. Speedo offers a solid option that is great for all swimmers.

This Speedo Team Kickboard has easy-to-grip edges, and is durable to last you years.

Swim Paddles

Perfect your swimming stroke with a pair of practice paddles. Go for a pair with a basic shape (like these from Speedo) to add the perfect amount of resistance to your arms. If you’re a beginner swimmer, we recommend starting with a smaller pair of paddles

Pull Buoy

A pull buoy is probably the most affordable piece of training equipment you can buy. These go in between your legs and help you focus on your stroke technique during a pull set.

We recommend the simpler options for most swimmers. Check out the options for Pull Buoys here.

7 – Wetsuit

For swimmers who enjoy the open water such as the lake, ocean or rivers – give them the gift of warmth. There are many wetsuit options out there, and they are very specific for the type of swimmer and water you’re in.

You can choose from full length or sleeveless options, it really depends on personal preference. Speak with your local swim shop for finding the right fit.

Get shopping tips for buying a wetsuit from our Ambassador Brian Young:

Men’s Wetsuits:

This men’s Vanguish Wetsuit from Zone3 will definitely suit your needs:

Women’s Wetsuits:

This Women’s Aspire Wetsuit from Zone3 is a perfect choice for open water swimming:

8 – Towel

If you swim… you are going to need a towel. There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a warm towel after a hard workout. The best towels are big, soft, high-quality fabric, and have a fun pattern or color! If a towel is really lost cost, it is probably too good to be true. Invest in a quality towel.

Fun gift idea! Every swimmer loves a monogrammed or personalized towel with their name on it. You can usually order these online, or sometimes a swim team, league or competition offers personalized memorabilia towels!

This microfiber Nabaiji towel is great for swimmers who travel often. It dries very quickly, so you can toss it in your swim bag without worrying about mildew. It also has a strap attached so you can fold it and take it with you!

This option from Royal Comfort is great! A terry velour and big enough for all the warmth you need on a cold pool deck.

9 – Swim Bag

The swim bags these days are incredible. They carry so much stuff, include water proof compartments for your wet suit, fabric-lined pockets to protect your goggles, and mesh compartments for your snacks. Plus, the colors and patterns available are so fun – you’ll always stand out on deck. We love the fun prints from Funkita and Funky Trunks.

This bag has it all. So many pockets, and so comfortable. Check out more backpack options here.

10 – Hair & Skincare

Skip the dry skin and damaged hair with these great products.

This shampoo from TriSwim seriously gets all the chlorine out of your hair after a swim. This line of haircare products is specifically formulated to eliminate chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemicals from the hair. And it feels amazing.

Is your hair getting dried out from the pool? Treat your hair to this Malibu Miracle Repair once a week and your hair will feel healthier in no time.

If you ever swim outdoors, we highly recommend that you practice safe sun-care by wearing waterproof sunscreen every single time you swim. This bottle from SunBum is perfect for 80 minutes of active swimming, and keeps your skin safe.

This Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream from Beauty Counter is the perfect post-swim face cream for women. It’s hydrating, soothing, and great for your skin. Perfect for those who get dry skin from the chlorine.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you’re protecting your skin with after-sun products. This After Browning Lotion from Maui Babe is perfect for healing skin damaged by the sun, salt, and wind.

You can shop from a huge collection of skin and haircare products here.

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11 – Clothing

Most swimwear brands also carry clothing lines that are perfect for training, or relaxing after a tough swim workout. Check out some options below!

Make a statement in this fun sweater.

A swimming parka is great for the swimmer that trains or competes outdoors. If you are at an 8-hour swim meet at a chilly outdoor pool, this fleece-lined parka is a great “wearable blanket” to wear between races. Check out more styles here.

12 – Shoes & Socks

Everybody loves getting socks for Christmas, right?! Here are our favorite picks for shoes and socks this season.

Imagine showing up to your next social event in these socks. They’re rad. This pair comes at a $17 price tag on There are dozens of cool websites and brands that sell swimmer-themed socks for men and women, do some research and find a pair that you love!

These non-slip sandals from Rainbow Sandals are perfect for long days on the pool deck. They’re comfortable, durable, and stylish. Check out all their men’s and women’s styles.

Crocs have officially made their comeback, and swimmers everywhere are loving it. They make a range of options that are waterproof, and provide great foot support.

This pair of Crocs is great because it has a fuzzy lining that keeps your feet warm before or after a workout. Plus the fun colors are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! See more Men’s and Women’s styles of Crocs >

13 – Nutrition

Treat your favorite swimmer to the gift of great health! Look online or in your local grocery stores or supplement stores for products that will help your swimmer reach the next level of optimal health.

This customized nutrition package from INFINIT Nutrition is a great way to stay hydrated and fueled up.

These hydration tablets from Nuun are packed with electrolytes, and clean ingredients.

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14 – Strength Training

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball (AKA “med ball”) is a super simple piece of equipment that helps swimmers get stronger in the gym. They are weighted balls that are very heavy duty, perfect for throwing and lifting in the gym. Here are some workout ideas >

There are many options out there, just make sure you select an appropriate weight that is comfortable for you. This AeroMat med ball is nice because the grip is really strong, and it doesn’t bounce a lot. You can get it at here.

Yoga Mat

Any swimmer that focuses on strength training needs a yoga meet. These are perfect for sit-ups, core work, push ups, or yoga!

There are so many options out there. We don’t necessarily think you need to spend a fortune, but you also should not buy a cheap one. After a few sweaty sessions, it will begin to fall apart.

Gaiam produces some really high-quality maps that are high-quality, but still budget-friendly. Plus they come in fun colors and patterns! You can get it on here.

Trainer Cords

Simulates swimming movements and isolates vital muscle groups.

This Slide Dryland Trainer Cord 7mm from FINIS is a great option. It is sturdy, and has rotating handles for added flexibility.

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15 – Education & Coaching

Every swimmer loves a new workout idea! Get a monthly or yearly subscription of MySwimPro ELITE and get access to all the tools you need to reach your swimming goals. Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited swim workouts and personalized training plans
  • Technique videos and drills
  • Advanced analytics and swim tracking
  • Full access to the largest digital community of swimmers in the world!

Get your free 7-day trial of MySwimPro ELITE here.

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16 – Art & Home Goods

Fill your home with the love of swimming. There are incredible pieces of art out there that focus on the love of swimming, triathlon, or simply the joy of water.

We recommend finding a local artist in your area, or search online for an independent artist that is selling swimming-related pieces for your home. has great options!

Or, snap a beautiful photo of your favorite pool or beach where you swim regularly and get it printed and framed at a store near you!

This awesome wall clock is the perfect gift for a swimmer. Put it near your front door and you’ll feel motivated for pool time every time you head out for a swim!

Modern art prints like this one from Society6 are classic, and tasteful. You can often find imagery that fits your home’s style and your love of water.

I’m pretty sure every swimmer needs this throw pillow on their couch, or bed. Or, throw it in the backseat of your car and use it for a nap at swim meets!

This textured wall hanging piece from Society6 is wonderful.

This adorable swimmer Christmas ornament is sure to light up your tree this year. Do some research on local artists in your area or online to find the perfect ornament for that special someone!

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17 – Jewelry & Accessories

You can find lots of ocean or pool-themed jewelry out there on the internet. Support a local artist, or upload your favorite photo of your pool and get it printed on a custom phone case! There are so many ways to wear your love of water.

Spruce up your swim bag with a fun keychain – this pool-inspired option is even customizable with text on top!

These earrings with fins on them are definitely one-of-a-kind.

On you can customize your piece so it’s unique to you! This charm necklace is beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed this Gift Guide for Swimmers! If we missed something, comment below or send me an email at

Happy swimming!



  1. Any suit recommendations for large breasted women? Typically I swim in a sports bra underneath my suit. Most bathing suits do not offer enough support for me to be comfortable while swimming.

    • Hi Paula,
      I recommend a tight, 100% polyester suit with thick straps. I would definitely suggest avoiding wearing a sports bra underneath, you’ll just need to find the right suit for it. If you’d like, you can email me your sizing info and what types of styles you like, and I can recommend some similar suits 🙂

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