Doing the same workouts each week gets boring very quickly, and doesn’t help you achieve the results you want! Did you know you can get a fresh, new dryland workout every day in the MySwimPro app? 

The Dryland Workout of the Day ensures you’re getting a challenging, swimming specific workout for each dryland training session to help you build total body strength, power and endurance. Each Workout can be completed at home with no equipment and is tailored to your skill level!

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Personalized Workout Experience

When you write your own workouts, you may rely on the same set of exercises too much, not challenge yourself enough and, as a result, slow down your progress. Take the guesswork out of building your workouts and let our expert coaches do it for you! Push yourself consistently and watch the performance gains roll in.

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“The daily dryland workouts are like having a personal trainer in my living room! I love being able to do a different workout each day. There’s so much variety that I’m never bored!”

Keep a Workout Log to Track Your Progress

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Each Workout you complete in the app is saved to your Profile, so you can look back at past Workouts to track your progress. Review your Workouts periodically — you’ll see that you have likely increased your workout duration, built endurance and progressed to more advanced exercises!

Tips: Dryland Workout of the Day

How to Get the Dryland Workout of the Day

To get the Dryland Workout of the Day, visit the Dryland tab in the MySwimPro app. The day’s Workout will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Tap the Workout to open it and review what’s in store for the day!

How to Start Your Workout

To start your Workout, click “Start Workout” in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you have an Apple Watch, your Workout will start on your watch and on your phone!

How to Create & Print a PDF of Your Workout

If you’d prefer to print out your Workout and take it with you, click the ellipsis (…) icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click “Open PDF” to generate a PDF you can print!

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How to Personalize Your Workout

Want to adjust the exercises or intervals in the Workout of the Day? No problem! When viewing the Workout, click the ellipsis (…) icon in the top right corner of the screen and tap “Edit.”

To swap out an exercise: Tap on the exercise you’d like to edit. Scroll through our library of more than 200 exercises to find something that works for you! Click “Save” to update the Workout.

To adjust the interval for an exercise: Tap on the exercise and adjust the interval as needed. Click “Save” to update the workout.

To edit the number of rounds in a Set Group: To change the number of times you complete the warm up, main circuit or cool down, click “Edit Set Group” in the top right corner of the Set Group. Adjust the number of rounds as needed and click “Save.”

How to Save Your Workout for Later

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Like the Workout of the Day but can’t get it done today? Add it to your Workout Library to keep it forever!

When viewing the Workout of the Day, click “Add to Library.” Rename the Workout if you would like, and click “OK.”

To view your Library, tap “Workout Library” in the Dryland tab and tap “My Saved Workouts.”

How to Share Your Workout on Social Media

Show off your Workout on social media! After finishing and logging your Workout, visit your Profile tab and click on the Workout you just completed. Click the arrow icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select the background image you’d like, or add your own by tapping the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Scroll down to adjust the text color, image size, gradient and more. When you’re done, click “Share” to post on your social media or save the image to your phone.

Ready to dive into your dryland training routine?

Download the MySwimPro app and start a free, 30-day trial of ELITE to access the Dryland Workout of the Day, personalized Swim and Dryland Training Plans, Technique Videos and more!


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