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How to Start Open Water Swimming After 3 Months Off

In some communities, beaches are reopening, much to the satisfaction of cooped up swimmers! While many pools still remain closed, swimmers are venturing into the lakes, rivers and oceans in their area to get some much-needed swimming in. 

Like us, you’re probably excited about diving in again! But it’s important to be smart during your first workout back. Many of us have been out of the water for 2 months or more. Check out our tips for a successful open water swim!

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Planning Your First Open Water Swim After Quarantine

For this first swim, don’t worry about distance or pace. Just enjoy being back in the water! Mix up your strokes, float on your back and work on technique. If you try to do too much, you could injure yourself.

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Check the weather the night before so you’re aware of the conditions. Plan your route and find a buddy who will swim with you or watch you from the shore. Safety should be your number one priority!

If you have an Apple Watch, make sure you track your swim with MySwimPro! See real-time distance and heart rate, your average 100 pace and share a cool map of your swim route when you’re done!

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Open Water Swimming Equipment

Prepare your gear the night before your swim to make sure you have everything you need. In addition to your swimsuit and goggles, you may choose to use the following:

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Open Water Swimming Tips for Beginners

For a deep dive into these open water tips, check out this video!

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Have you done an open water swim recently? Let us know how it went in the comments! For more open water swimming tips and training resources, download the MySwimPro app! Get a personalized Training Plan and Guided Workouts designed to help you reach your goals in the pool or open water. Save $35 on your first year of training with code SWIM35 >

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