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If holiday shopping crept up on you this year, we’re here to help! From dryland gear to the latest swimming tech, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for all the swimmers in your life, and included some epic coupon codes to save you cash!

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1. arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror Goggle

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The arena Cobra Ultras are the most popular racing goggles on the market today — and for good reason! Featuring a one-piece design, the lens’s unique blade shape has been engineered for maximum hydrodynamics, with a curvature that allows for maximum forward and peripheral vision. Plus, these goggles come with mirrored lenses for both indoor and outdoor goggles so you’ll always look like a pro.

Beyond their sleek look, these goggles also come with arena’s incredible SWIPE technology. This re-activating anti-fog coating lasts 10 times longer than the competition — simply wet the inside of the lens, swipe with your fingers 3-5 times, and the coating will work like new.

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2. arena Powerfin Pro

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The Powerfin Pro is one of the highest rated training fins on the market – and a favorite of numerous MySwimPro team members! 

These short blade fins are engineered for maximum forward thrust and a high-frequency kick cadence, featuring an inclined blade, notches on the bottom ribs and side rails for extra control and speed. The fins are specially designed for the left and right foot, with open heels to increase comfort and flexibility.

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3. Aqua Knuckles

Numerous studies have shown that swimming with slightly open fingers helps increase the amount of force a swimmer can exert with each stroke. In fact, it could boost speed by a whopping 2.5%! 

The Aqua Knuckles DUBL WIDE helps train the body to swim with proper hand positioning, slipping onto the middle and ring fingers of each hand to create a 5 millimeter spread between fingers. They come in 6 sizes (based on American ring sizes) to ensure a perfect fit.

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4. MySwimPro Gear

Our online store is stocked with epic MySwimPro swag, including t-shirts, face masks, towels, stickers, phone cases and more! Grab a few items and rep MySwimPro everywhere you go.

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5. MySwimPro Gift Card

Give the swimmer in your life access to top notch workouts, technique tips, analytics and 1-on-1 coaching with a MySwimPro gift card! With options for annual and monthly memberships, this is the perfect gift for swimmers of all skill levels.  Read app reviews from real swimmers >

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6. Swimmers Best Tether

Getting creative with backyard workouts? A swimming tether from Swimmers Best rounds out any swimmer’s arsenal. Simply attach the tether to a sturdy anchor point near a backyard pool and swim to your heart’s content! 

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7. arena ONE Training Suit

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The ONE is a revolutionary new suit that is constructed using a single piece of fabric. This design minimizes the need for seams and stitching, resulting in a suit that fits like a second skin and offers unprecedented comfort and flexibility.  

The ONE also brings beach and fashion inspired trends to daily training. Its unique silhouette proves that you don’t have to be racing to look good!

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8. Theragun Elite

Give the gift of recovery with the Theragun Elite percussive massage gun from Therabody! We tested out the Theragun Elite and have been loving it — it’s like a personal massage therapist that fits in your swim bag! 

The Theragun uses percussive technology to release muscle tension and soreness, getting 60% deeper into muscle tissue than other handheld massagers. Plus, the Therabody mobile app provides personalized, sport-specific recovery protocols to help optimize your performance.

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9. Elite Athlete Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a cost-effective training tool for swimmers, helping to build strength, improve performance and prevent injury at home or on the pool deck. We love Elite Athlete Fitness Equipment’s Power Band Kits, which include bands of varying sizes and weights to help you work on nearly every aspect of stroke mechanics.

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10. Airofit Breathing Trainer

Breath control is essential for fast swimming, and many swimmers don’t spend much time training their lungs. Thankfully, the Airofit Breathing Trainer changes that

Paired with specialized training plans in the Airofit Sport app, the Airofit Breathing Trainer improves the strength and flexibility of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, increasing vital lung capacity and anaerobic threshold so you can swim more efficiently.

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11. Apple or Garmin Smartwatches

Get the most out of MySwimPro with a smartwatch! When you swim with an Apple Watch or a Garmin, you’ll unlock guided workouts right on your wrist plus advanced analytics including average pace, heart rate, strokes per lap, SWOLF score and more. Check out a full list of compatible smartwatches >

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12. Pathwater 

Pathwater is leading the charge to a world free from single use plastic bottles. When you purchase a case of still, sparkling or alkaline water bottles, you can stay hydrated while helping the planet!

Each bottle is made from durable aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable and refillable. Each time you bring one of these reusable bottles to the pool, you’re keeping a plastic bottle out of the landfill!

We hope you found some gifting inspiration from this list! As always, you can download the MySwimPro app for free, and try our ELITE COACH subscription free for 30 days!

From all of us at MySwimPro, happy holidays!

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