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MySwimPro Swim Cap

Represent MySwimPro at your pool with our blue silicone SWIM caps! These high quality caps fit both men and women with long or short hair. Purchase on Amazon >

Underwater Audio Waterproof Music Players

Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks while you swim with Underwater Audio’s waterproof music players! We love the SYRYN and the Delphin players, and the waterproof SwimBud headphones stay put through all four strokes and even flip turns. Use code MYSWIMPRO to save 15% >

Airofit Breathing Trainer

Improve your vital lung capacity to swim faster! Airofit’s Breathing Trainer and the Airofit Sport App provide swimming-specific training programs to strengthen and mobilize your respiratory muscles, which can enhance your aerobic and anaerobic capacities while you swim. Use code MySwimPro to save 15% >

TheMagic5 Custom Goggles

Do your goggles fog up and leave red, painful rings around your eyes? TheMagic5’s 100% custom-fit goggles won’t! Simply scan your face using their app and get personalized goggles delivered to your door. Use code MSP15 for 15% off >

Aqua Knuckles Finger Separators

If you’re still swimming with your fingers cupped tightly together, it’s time to stop! Aqua Knuckles train you to swim with your fingers slightly separated, which increases the surface area of your hand and can make your pull more powerful. Use code MYSWIMPRO for 15% off >

Elite Athlete Fitness Equipment Resistance Bands

Take your at-home dryland routine to the next level with a pack of resistance bands from Elite Athlete Fitness Equipment! With bands in various sizes and resistance levels, you can get a killer, full-body workout. Use code EliteSwimPro for 20% off >

SwimmersBest Swimming Tethers & Backyard Training Kits

Take your swim training to the backyard pool with a swim tether and backyard training kit from SwimmersBest! The tether allows you to swim in place in a small pool. And yes, you can do all four strokes! Use code myswimpro for 10% off all backyard kits >

HydroRevolution Aquatic Resistance Training Equipment

Need a low-impact cross-training option? Try HydroRevolution’s fins, dumbbells and barbells allow you to work out in the water and control the level of resistance based on how hard you kick, push or pull. Use code MYSWIMPRO to save 20% >

Athletic Greens Powder

Athletic Greens is the ultimate, daily, all-in-one supplement that supports performance, recovery and more. It’s packed with 75 vitamins and minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients that help with immune support, gut health, energy and recovery. Each serving includes pre and probiotics, adaptogens, a superfood complex and more. One serving of Athletic Greens is the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables! Get a free, 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your purchase >

Timeline Nutrition Supplements

Timeline Nutrition has created an incredible supplement designed to combat muscular decline so you can swim faster and train hard at any age.

Their Mitopure technology harnesses the power of the pomegranate to help boost muscle function and fight aging at the cellular level. Mitopure is the first 100% pure dose of Urolithin A on the market that can help you avoid muscular decline. Use code MYSWIMPRO for 10% off >

RISE Brewing Co. Cold Brew Coffee & Tea

Get energized for your workouts with organic, nitro cold brew coffee and tea from RISE Brewing Co.! Choose from plain cold brew coffee, oat milk lattes and mochas, or tea lattes. Use code MYSWIMPRO for 10% off your order >

Zealios Hair & Skincare

Zealios makes awesome hair and skincare products that are designed to stand up to the intense physical demands of workouts and competitions. Their products are tested by the world’s top athletes, so you know they’re good!

From reef-safe sunscreen that stays put, to anti-chafe cream for race day, Zealios has you covered for all your training and racing needs. Their shampoo, conditioner and body wash help remove chlorine, sweat and salt after a swim, and won’t strip your hair or skin of their natural oils. Use code MYSWIMPRO to save 20% on your order >

Geologie Men’s Skincare

Save your skin from chlorine damage with a customized skincare regimen from Geologie. Geologie products are formulated to help with wide range of skin needs, like acne, dark circles, sensitive skin, wrinkles and more. Take Geologie’s skincare quiz & save up to 40% on your first trial set >


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