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30-Minute Tethered Swimming Workout

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Think swimming in place isn’t for you? We’re here to prove you wrong! With the right equipment and a solid workout plan, stationary swimming is a great way to train.

The first thing you need to start your stationary swimming journey? A tether.

Whether your pool is closed or you’re too busy to make the drive to your usual pool, a swimming tether is a great investment to ensure you stay on track with swim training from the comfort of your backyard.

Why Use a Tether?

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A tether is a great, low-cost option if you need to get a quick workout in. While tethered swimming is different from traditional lap swimming, you have lots of options for your workouts: 

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Setting Up Your Tether

You need just a few minutes to set up your tether: 

The Importance of Workout Structure

A structured workout is important no matter where you swim, but it’s especially important when swimming with a tether. You have two main options when building a tether workout:

Stroke Count

Break up your workout by counting your strokes. This is a great option if you don’t have a smartwatch to track your intervals. For example:


Swim for specific intervals rather than distance. For example: 

The MySwimPro app allows you to build custom workouts based on time, which works great for tethered swimming. If you use a smartwatch, MySwimPro will keep you on track, signaling when to stop and move onto the next set. 

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30 Minute Swim Tether Workout

Fares used the MySwimPro app to build a time based workout for a backyard pool! Check it out:

The Workout (30 seconds rest between sets)

Have you used a tether to stay fit while your pool is closed? Let us know what you think below! To get your very own tether from Swimmers Best, use the code myswimpro for 10% off! Start your free trial of MySwimPro ELITE COACH and unlock all of our swim and dryland training resources, workouts and coaching!

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