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Think swimming in place isn’t for you? We’re here to prove you wrong! With the right equipment and a solid workout plan, stationary swimming is a great way to train.

The first thing you need to start your stationary swimming journey? A tether.

Whether your pool is closed or you’re too busy to make the drive to your usual pool, a swimming tether is a great investment to ensure you stay on track with swim training from the comfort of your backyard.

Why Use a Tether?

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A tether is a great, low-cost option if you need to get a quick workout in. While tethered swimming is different from traditional lap swimming, you have lots of options for your workouts: 

  • Work on Technique: Add some drills to your workout or mix in fins, paddles and a snorkel to get hyper focused on technique.
  • Swim all 4 Strokes: It may feel different at first, but you can swim all 4 competitive strokes with a tether, no problem! 
  • Focus on Body Position: Good body position is essential for a tethered swim, since you’re held in a stationary spot. Make sure your hips don’t drop to the bottom of the pool and your head stays looking straight down.
  • Mix in Dryland: Hop out in the middle of your swim and add a few sets of push ups and squats to the mix. Alternating swimming with dryland makes for a killer workout.

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Setting Up Your Tether

You need just a few minutes to set up your tether: 

  • Attach your tether to a tree, pole or other sturdy object next to your pool.
  • Adjust the waist belt to fit your body
  • Grab fins, paddles and any other equipment you’ll need for your workout and dive in!

The Importance of Workout Structure

A structured workout is important no matter where you swim, but it’s especially important when swimming with a tether. You have two main options when building a tether workout:

Stroke Count

Break up your workout by counting your strokes. This is a great option if you don’t have a smartwatch to track your intervals. For example:

  • 100 strokes easy
  • 4 x 20 strokes fast, 20 strokes easy (20sec rest between rounds)


Swim for specific intervals rather than distance. For example: 

  • 5:00 freestyle
  • 3 x :30 backstroke, max effort

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30 Minute Swim Tether Workout

Try this time-based workout for your next tethered swim.

The Workout (30 seconds rest between sets)

  • 1 x 3:00 Free Easy
  • 8 x 30s IM Order 
  • 3 x 3:00 Free (With snorkel, 15 strokes hard, 15 strokes easy)
  • 1 x 3:00 Free Moderate Build (With fins)
  • 2 x 2:00 Breaststroke Kick Moderate (10 kicks hard, 10 kicks easy)
  • 1 x 2:00 Free Perfect Technique

Have you used a tether to stay fit while your pool is closed? Let us know what you think below! To get your very own tether from Swimmers Best, use the code myswimpro for 10% off!



  1. Yes. Love it. It is different than a true lap experience, but it has kept me in the water. I find that it pushes me to focus more on my stroke. I don’t like that I drift, but that’s more of a problem probably with how we’ve set up the leash. Still, highly recommend.

  2. My local club is offering tethered swimming to allow more people in the pool at a time.
    Are there actual workouts in the app already created?

    • Hi there! There are not tether-specific workouts in the app, but you can build your own workouts that are time-based rather than distance-based, and that works great with a tether!

      • But I’m new to this, I want the workouts created for me…😂 I am paying for the app, it would be great if there was even a small series in the app….

  3. I’ve done 300km on a tether in my 4.5m pool since putting it up in May. I do all 4 strokes and swim 2000m minimum each day. My watch knows how many strokes I do in a normal 25m pool and when I complete these then pause and start again with a couple of fly kicks, it counts it as a length. I love the convenience of my own pool as our pools have all been closed and I’m heating it to use it all winter. Hoping I’ll feel the benefit if I ever get back to “normal” swimming!!!!!

  4. I’d like to subscribe swimpro app and I need to know if it is suitable for me, so some questions and doubts, please:
    1 – how many Backyard Tether Workout are in?
    2 – does the app work on android tablet device?
    3 – during the workout execution is it an active timer that sounds?
    3 – wich garmin model watch are compatible with your app?
    I’ll use the app in my bacKyard little pool for routine workout, I can put tablet on pooldeck
    Thank you

    • Taylor Holmes on

      Hi Virgil,
      The MySwimPro app doesn’t currently have tethered workouts in our library, but you do have the ability to create your own workouts that are time-based rather than distance based, which works great for the tether!
      MySwimPro is compatible with Android tablets.
      If you’re using a Garmin smartwatch, it should beep/vibrate at the start and end of each interval.
      You can check out this article to see which Garmin models are compatible with MySwimPro. You can load your workouts onto your watch and it will walk you through each set:

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