If you’re eager to improve your sprinting and drop time in the 100 and 50 of any stroke, Ultra-Short Race Pace Training (USRPT) may be just what you need. 

USRPT takes the “fluff” out of your swim workouts, focusing the majority of your time in the water on race pace swims to train your body to perform at its highest level. Learn more about the science behind USRPT here.

For a taste of USRPT, try this 1,500-meter swim workout! Go all out on the 25s in the main set, aiming to reach your goal pace for a 50 or 100 free. If you are training for a 50 or 100 of a different stroke, feel free to swap out the drills and freestyle sets for that stroke. 

1,500m Sprint Swim Workout

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  • Distance: 1,500 meters/yards
  • Duration: 45 minutes


  • 1×300 Freestyle @ 5:00 Easy
  • 4×50 Kick @ 1:10 Moderate with Fins


  • 4×25 Drill @ :40 Moderate with Fins & Snorkel
  • 8×25 Freestyle @ :40, Odds Cruise, Evens Race Pace

Main Set (2x)

  • 8×25 Freestyle @ :40 Race Pace with Fins & Paddles
  • 1×100 Freestyle @ 2:00 Easy

Cool Down

  • 4×25 Freestyle @ :30 Easy

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