Whether you swim every day or once per week, experts agree that a dynamic warm-up prepares your body best for peak output!

We’ve written before how static stretching can actual impair performance and negatively impact shoulder stability if done before a swim workout. Below are some of the benefits of doing a dynamic warm-up.

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Benefits Of A Dynamic Warm-up

  • Improves Muscle Temperature
  • Enhances nervous system function
  • Improves power and agility
  • Improves sprinting ability
  • Improves vertical jump
  • Maintain shoulder stability

How To Do A Dynamic Warm-up

Start with these four basic goals for every warm-up, as outlined by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

  1. Loosen up: Warm your joints, muscles, and prep your body for exercise with mobility movements.
  2. Get your heart pumping: Increased heart thumping warms up your muscles and switches on your nervous system.
  3. Do dynamic stretches: Stretch your warm muscles, but don’t hold it. Remember: Static stretching during a warm-up hinders your performance. Instead, do dynamic stretching, which involves continuously moving through a range of motion.
  4. Practice: Practicing the movement patterns teaches muscle memory (a.k.a. neuromuscular adaptation) and continues to prepare your body for action.

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On-Deck Dynamic Warm-up Plan

George T. Edelman works with the USA National swimming team and has developed a 5-step dynamic warmup plan! A dynamic warm-up should be done before workouts and competition. These movements can even be done between races when there is no warm-up pool available.


Find a warm-up that works for you and remember to listen to your body. Your warm-up should not over fatigue you. There’s no limit to the variety of warm-up moves that can get you swim-ready!

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