In this guest post, Edel McCarthy shares her love for the water and how it’s impacted her life.

Hi all, my name is Edel. I’m from Dublin, Ireland!
I first got into swimming because a few of my cousins were on the local swimming team and I always loved to swim as a kid. I unfortunately broke my arm and never got the chance to join a team. This is something I always regretted.
Although my love for swimming never left me, when I wasn’t swimming, I started to put on weight. Recently I got back into swimming and in my journey, I have lost 28lbs!
My love for swimming has empowered me to become a swimming coach, lifeguard and aquatics instructor. I now work as a full-time swimming teacher and trainee coach. In the last three years I joined the Dublin Surf Lifesaving team and the Masters Swimming team.

Now my goal is to become one of the top 20 national surf lifesaving champions in Ireland. I am really determined to do well in this year’s competition and focused on my training.
My gold medal moment is not just about losing weight, but also my newly gained confidence to get a new job. I love being a coach and helping our students achieve their goals. We encourage and motivate them to do their best. Seeing our swimmers train and compete is inspiring and helps us stay focused on achieving our own Gold Medal Moments!
What is your Gold Medal Moment?

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