USRPT stands for “Ultra Short Race Pace Training” – learn more in this video:

The premise for this training methodology is that race-specific high intensity swimming will yield the optimal performance results and fastest times in competition.

Training shorter workouts allows you to mentally and physically engage with the workout in a new way. The volume you do is not as important as the content of the workout. Don’t worry about banging out yards. Swim with more intensity.

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Workout Statistics:

  • Distance: 1,500 meters
  • Duration: 31 Minutes
  • Focus: Race Pace Training For a 100m Freestyle
  • Dynamic Intervals: Based Off a 1:00 100m Freestyle Goal Time

Warm-Up & Pre-Set

USRPT is about doing the absolute minimum possible that will take away from performing on the main set. A shorter warmup and relatively light pre-set allows for this. ‘GOLF‘ is the method of counting the number of strokes you take in a length plus the time. If you do 25 meters in 16 seconds and it takes you 12 strokes, you’ll have a score of 28. Like traditional golf, the goal is to decrease this number. This is a good way to warmup with intensity while working on stroke count.

Main Set

This main set goes two rounds. If your goal time is to go 1:00 for a 100m freestyle in competition, you’ll need to average 15 seconds per 25. That’s your goal time. The interval should be calculated on a 1:1 work:rest ratio. Because the goal time is 15 seconds per 25, there should also be 15 seconds of rest per 25; therefore the ideal interval will be the :30.

If you fail to make your target time, you should sit out one repetition then jump back in on the next interval. If you fail a second time, the set is over and you should start your recovery swim. If don’t fail and complete the entire set hitting your target time on all repetitions, then the set was too easy – next time decrease your target time and/or decrease the amount of rest between repetitions.

Cool Down

It’s important to let your body recover and cool down after a physically fatiguing set. 100 is the minimum recommended to flush out lactic acid that was built up during the main set. If you need more, do it!

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    • Hi there! To measure this, you can have someone time you from when you start to when you enter the water. Or, you can film yourself and calculate the time later!

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