Caeleb Dressel continues to break barriers and re-write the record books!

At the 2018 NCAA Championships, Caeleb Dressel recorded the fastest time ever in three different individual events. He is the first human to break the 18 second barrier in the 50 freestyle, and swim 100 yards freestyle in under 40 seconds.

Race Stats:

  • Time: 39.90
  • Reaction Time: +0.64
  • 1st 50: 18.96
  • 2nd 50: 20.94.
  • Stroke Count: 8, 12, 13, 13

Before Caeleb Dressel took the reigns as the best short course yards sprinter in the world upon entering the University of Florida, the fastest 50 freestyle ever recorded was 18.47 by César Cielo (Auburn/Brazil) set back in 2008 at the NCAA Championships. For reference, Caesar Cielo is the 2008 Olympic Champion in the event and still holds the World Record in the 50, 100 Long Course Freestyle.

In the 100 freestyle (short course yards), the next fastest performer is Vlad Morozov (USC) at 40.76. Morozov is considered one of the best short course sprinters ever with accolades in the sprints that include NCAA titles and Short Course Meter World Records. Dressel is a clear 2.1% faster than Morozov’s best 100 freestyle time.

For reference to Dressel’s 50 swim at the NCAA Championships, below is the 17.63 race:

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Can Caeleb Dressel Swim Any Faster?

With so much speed, it’d be hard to believe that he can swim any faster. Many swim analysts would argue that there’s more in the tank and the fact that this 100 Freestyle swim came as Dressel’s 13th swim of the meet means there probably is more time to drop with a fresh swim. We shouldn’t be greedy, it’s simply amazing to see someone race to a sum 40 second 100 freestyle. Caeleb Dressel’s 100 Butterfly performance was just as jaw dropping. You can see his 42.80 record swim below:

How Fast Can Dressel Go In The “Big Pool”?

It’s going to be tough to top this spring’s NCAA Championships, but if there’s one thing Dressel has shown the swimming world, it’s not to put limits on what’s possible. The Long Course World Records in the 50/100 Freestyle are held by Olympic Champion Cesar Cielo. These times will be tough to beat, but if anyone can do it, it’s Caeleb Dressel.

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