It’s your chance to ask the Pros of MySwimPro anything to help you improve your swimming! On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show:

– Special Guest: Brian Young, Ironman Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer
– Differences between wetsuits for open water and tech suits
– Wetsuits, Open water goggles, and the safety buoy from Zone3us
– Advice for beginner open water swimmers and triathletes

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  • :28 – Brian Young swimming story.
  • 1:35 – Different race distances in Triathlon (Ironman).
  • 2:35 – How do you manage your training schedule?
  • 3:27 – How do you overcome fear and anxiety of open water swimming?
  • 4:24 – What are the benefits of wearing a wetsuit for open water races?
  • 5:45 – How wetsuits are different and what they’re made out of?
  • 9:50 – What are the differences between wetsuits and swim skins?
  • 11:00 – What’s the difference in wetsuit design (full body)?
  • 12:05 – What’s the difference between an open water wetsuit and a pool tech suit?
  • 14:20 – How much faster can you swim in a wetsuit?
  • 14:40 – What is an open water safety swim buoy?
  • 17:20 – What are the different types of goggles Zone3 offers?
  • 19:10 – What’s the difference between open water and pool swim goggles?
  • 21:17 – How to practice sighting (spotting) in the pool?
  • 21:50 – How to get started in open water swimming?

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