May was an exciting month for our team at MySwimPro! Our highlight was competing as a team at the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships in Indianapolis, IN. We have a lot of momentum building off of a hectic April which you can read more about here.
Without further adieu, here is a behind the scenes look at what we were up to in May 2018!

U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals

Team MySwimPro recently competed at the U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course National Championships at the historic IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was an incredible week filled with fast swimming, our social meet up at Military Park, and a ton of fun.

Our team rented a van, then drove south from Michigan to Indianapolis. After we picked Ben up from the airport, we were on our way! Everyone on the MySwimPro Team competed in the meet, and spent 3 days deck with thousands of other swimmers from all over the country!

We also hosted our very-own social meet up, which was an awesome way to connect with the MySwimPro community in-person and have some fun and relaxation during the meet.

MySwimPro Social

We hope that everyone had as much of a blast as we did! To see more photos of our social, visit our Facebook page.
Have you ever rolled up to a swim meet in a limo?
Team MySwimPro likes to roll in style! Checkout our entrance in a 16-person stretched limo:

The #AskASwimPro Show

This weekly series is really taking off. Every week we discuss a new topic and this month we had multiple guest appearances from our very own Benjamin Hendricks at IUPUI and Ben Young at Campus Martius park!

5/29/2018: Open Water Wetsuits 101

– Special Guest: Brian Young, Ironman Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer
– Differences between wetsuits for open water and tech suits
– Wetsuits, Open water goggles, and the safety buoy from Zone3us
– Advice for beginner open water swimmers and triathletes

5/22/2018: Katie Ledecky Impact on Swimming

– What impact Katie Ledecky is having on the sport of swimming
– How much faster Katie Ledecky is than anyone else in history
– Why Katie Ledecky so much faster than everyone

5/15/2018: Behind the Scenes at USMS Nationals

– What it’s like to race at U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals
– The social element of racing in Masters Swimming
– What’s with all the tech suits?
– Advice for entering your first masters swim meet

5/8/2018: How To Race The 50 -> 1,500

– How to race the 50, 100, 200, 400, 1,500 Freestyle
– Difference in racing the 100, 200, 400 IM
– What to do if your goggles fall off on the race start
– Drills to work on starts leading up to race day

5/1/2018: Advice For Beginner Swimmers

– How to master a freestyle flip turn
– Tips for swimming in your first swim meet
– How to warmup in a crowded pool
– Advice for beginner swimmers

Whiteboard Wednesdays

How To Fast & Swim During Ramadan

Every year, hundreds of millions of people around the world fast. There are several benefits of swimming while fasting: you can feel more energetic and it can re-generate your metabolism. While there are a ton of benefits, there are certainly some challenges, too.

How To Shave For A Swim Meet

Swimmers have been shaving their bodies to improve their performance since the 1950s. A recent Mens Health survey showed that 15% of males shave their legs regularly and a third trim their leg hair. Triathletes and cyclists shave regularly as well – sometimes up to 2x/week.

How To Train For An Open Water Race In A Pool

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday explores the differences between open water swimming and pool swimming and how you can prepare for an open water race while swimming in a short course pool.

Long Axis vs Short Axis Strokes

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday dives into the stroke mechanics of short axis and long axis strokes. These two types of strokes are fundamentally different and in this lesson, we’ll look at how to train both of them!

How To Build A Swim Training Plan

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday dives into the mechanics of building a seasonal training plan so you can perform the best when it matters most!

Workouts of the Week

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