This week, we caught up with Kendra Wilson, a competitive Masters swimmer (with 19 Top-10 USMS swims) who has been swimming with MySwimPro at her local pool in Oceanside, California.
We’re proud to welcome Kendra to our Ambassador Team and can’t wait for you to get to know more about this determined swimmer.

Meet Kendra

Hi guys, my name is Kendra (@mom_who_swims) I’m a U.S. Masters Swimmer based out of Oceanside, California!
I grew up swimming and swam on a division 1 swimming scholarship at Mizzou (University of Missouri back in the day when we were still Big 12). After college, I took some time off swimming and got really into running 5ks and 10Ks. It was fun, but I really missed racing swimming.
I got back in the pool eventually and coached Masters Swimming for several years. Before I started training with MySwimPro, I joined some friends and we swam as a group regularly. I would write the workouts and we would push each other everyday. It was great!

The Change

With having two kids under the age of 6, my life has gotten a lot busier recently. I still really enjoy swimming with my friends, but schedule needed to be more flexible and I had to find a way to get a good hard workout in by myself.

I found MySwimPro on Instagram a couple years ago. I downloaded the app and signed up for Premium instantly. Hook, line and sunk!

Training with MySwimPro

I use the app every time I swim now, and I love it. I head to the pool and follow my Training Plan, or I select a specific IM or breaststroke workout that incorporates stroke drills. I was coached at a high level for a long time, and I also have my own knowledge from coaching, so MySwimPro is a great way to add to my training base and change up my sets, my plans and my drills!

My Strategy

As for my training strategy? I know what I will be racing and when during my season(s). I do 3 freestyle specific practices: 1 sprint and 2 mid distance and then I do an IM day and a breaststroke day.
On the sprint free day I will incorporate breast sprints too. I always have warmup, kick and pull and main set and warm down. I am getting better at doing a drill or technique each practice too!

I try to stay above 20k each week during main training and work down to a 2 week taper in which 1st week is still at 10K and 2nd week 5K (but all taper goes on feel and how my sleep is). I listen to my body and make sure I push but know when I need to change up intensity or get a little more rest.

“My goal is to earn least one USMS All-American title and be the fastest in a specific distance and stroke for my age group”

See Kendra’s USMS Meet Results Here
In addition to competing at a very high level in Masters Swimming, I swim to stay fit and active. I train a lot by myself now, so having my community from MySwimPro there to cheer me on, give workout advice and race with, is pretty awesome!

With MySwimPro, I’ve met more people in the small world of swimming, and have gotten my best times since college!

“Almost 15 years and 2 kids later and I am racing at a higher level than ever. That makes me so excited!”

Race Day Traditions

I love swimming and have had a blast competing all over the country. Some of my pre-race traditions have gotten pretty weird throughout the years, I must admit! 🙂

Three weeks before tapering, I cut out all processed foods from my diet and eat lots of veggies and whole foods. Then, starting 2 days before the race, I’ll only eat green veggies (broccoli and spinach, sweet potatoes, bland starch and chicken. It’s so boring and bland but I eat that all throughout the meet to keep my nervous stomach at bay. 

“My pre-race nutrition plan is definitely not tasty, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

You are crushing it, Kendra! We are so happy to have you on our team as an Ambassador. Thanks for sharing your story, keep up the hard work, and good luck in your next race!
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