This Workout of the Week is a healthy mix of Pull, Freestyle, and IM. The benefit of adding this variability to your swim routine is so you don’t plateau. It also helps to keep things fresh and interesting.

Workout Statistics:

  • Distance: 2,000m
  • Duration: 40 Minutes
  • Focus: Pulling & Speed

I completed this workout as a guided swim on my Apple Watch. The heart rate and other metrics associated with this swim were all recorded with the watch during the swim workout. These analytics allow us to dive into the swim workout and analyze performance post-swim to learn from and modify the next workout! You can see all the wearables that MySwimPro connects with here.

Pre Set

The goal of any pre-set is to warmup the body for the main set to follow. This workout specifically has a 100 IM at the end of the Main Set. You can see the stats from the 4 x 50s IM below. Individual Medley is a great warmup for any set because it properly warms up every muscle group in the body.

Main Set (200s)

The Main Set is two rounds through: 1 x 200 Pull, 2 x 50s Freestyle, 1 x 100 IM. The 200s are in the Threshold aerobic zone (EN3). The goal was to be faster on the second round than the first round. I was happy to complete the second 200 in 2:22, dropping 10 seconds from the first round.

Main Set (50s)

The second part of the Main Set was 2 x 50s Freestyle Best Average. As you can see in the screenshots below, the intensity of these are meant to be higher than the previous 200 Pull. My heart rate, stroke count and lap splits are recorded below from the Apple Watch.

If you’re ready to take your swimming to the next level and unlock all the great stats with your Apple Watch or other smart watch, be sure to start a Free Trial of the Premium membership here.
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    • Hi Anna! We currently do not have the ability to load this workout of the week into the app. But, you can always manually enter the workout in to your account and create a custom workout. Thanks!

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