This week, we caught up with Florencia (Flor) Pizarro, a competitive distance swimmer who has been swimming with MySwimPro in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. 🇮🇨 She has over 400 workouts logged in the app!

Meet Flor Pizarro

Flor is a relatively new swimmer, but has progressed so much in a short amount of time! She began swimming 2 years ago, as a way to get exercise while her daughter trained with the youth team.

Now, she continues to swim everyday either alone or with her local masters team, Club Natación Las Palmas. Living in the Canary Islands has some great advantages, as she gets to compete in lots of pool and open water competitions in year round sun!

Learning to Swim

When we asked Flor how she’s progressed from being a beginner swimmer to competing in long distance ocean swims, she said “I discovered MySwimPro a couple years ago when I was looking for an app to teach me how to build swim sets and workout plans.

Just swimming back and forth wasn’t as challenging or fun. I started using the workouts and drills in MySwimPro and loved it. The app really helped me get in shape so I could keep up with the masters team.”

Her Competition Schedule

Flor trains and competes in the pool most of the time but discovered her love for open water races last summer after a friend convinced her to compete with her. She started with the 1,800m open water swim and loved it. Since then, she’s swam every open water race she could on her island of Gran Canaria, and some in other Canary Islands.

Flor now competes all year round with a unique competition schedule, combining short course, long course and open water competitions almost every month of the year. In the pool, she competes in the 800m and 1,500m Freestyle and competes at every Spring and Winter Regional Championship.

Now she’s training for some long distance ocean swims:

  • August 2018: 6,500m in El Hierro (Travesía mar de Las Calmas)
  • December 2018: 7,400m in Maspalomas Open Water, and 4,800m in Mogán Open Water
  • August 2019: 5,000m in Fuerteventura (Travesía a nado Playitas Resort- Gran Tarajal)

We are so impressed with her progress and dedication to swimming!

How She Trains with MySwimPro

Flor swims in a pool 2 hours a day, for 5-6 days a week, clocking in around 2,500m-3,500m each session. On the weekends, she enjoys going to the beach and swimming in the sunshine. When she’s not swimming with her masters team, she’s swimming alone or with a friend and following a MySwimPro workout.

She swims with an Apple Watch which guides her through the workout set-by-set and allows her to log the swim seamlessly afterward. This year, she’s trying some new events and exploring the butterfly and I.M., so the MySwimPro stroke-specific workouts will help her a lot.

“Since I compete a lot, it’s important to keep a log all of my swims so I can taper properly and plan my training better.”

You are crushing it, Flor! Thanks for sharing your story, keep up the hard work, and good luck in your races!

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