Swimmers in over 150+ countries are improving their stroke, swimming faster, and staying motivated with the MySwimPro app!

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1) Motivation

“By providing workouts it has made me motivated to get back into the pool.” – Joie A.

2) Teaches You How to Structure Workouts

“As a beginner swimmer, I had no idea how to plan a swim workout. MySwimPro helped me build a plan.” – Abby K.

3) Encouragement

“The app encouraged me to get back in the pool swimming! It’s like having my own personal swimming partner to motivate me.” – Julie M.

4) Always Get a Good Workout In

“The amount I swim has gone through the roof. It’s amazing how much a little buzz on the wrist will you make go faster!” – Clay N.

5) Fun To Learn New Things

“I love the Whiteboard Wednesday videos and just hearing tips on good technique. I also love seeing what other people are doing in the Facebook Group.” – Ken M.

6) Accountability

“It’s easier to make sure I workout when I have a plan, and it’s easy to keep track of where I am in the workout having the app on my watch.” – Brad W.

7) Easy For Beginners

“Training Plans give me goals to strive for. I was never on a swim team so I don’t know how to do a swim workout. This app provides that structure for me.” – Chessa S.

8) Technique-Focused

“Makes me work on specific techniques” – Dian B.

9) Unique Workouts

“MySwimPro has given me many valuable swim sets to try.” – Steven K.

10) Visible Results

“I enjoy seeing improvements in my times.” – Mesher W.

12) Supplements Masters Swim Team Practices

“I can’t always swim with my team, so the workouts help me stay motivated to swim on my own.” – Kent H.

13) Perfect For Traveling

“I travel a great deal for work. MySwimpro is my coach and a source of motivation when I am on the road.” – Sean B.

14) Swim Faster

“I train alone in a pool and it has structured my training and forced me to swim faster. I practice really specific drills, which has benefitted my swimming incredibly.” – Andrew I.

15) Good For All Ages

“As an “older” swimmer, strokes have changed so much and I learn a ton about the new body positioning tips (freestyle only for me!)” – Jack T.

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