Keeping a training log is an important part of tracking your improvement overtime. You can use MySwimPro to log structured workouts, unstructured workouts, and workouts recorded on your compatible wearable device. Below we’ll walk you through the three primary ways to log workouts!

Log An Unstructured Workout

Sometimes you just want to log how far you swam and don’t have the time to put in the sets you did. For that, we have Quick Log!

  1. Tap the big blue “+” button in the tab bar and select Quick Log.
  2. Tap the distance field at the top of the screen and enter how far you swam. You can toggle the units in the “Unit” field just below it.
  3. Optionally edit the duration or date of the swim, and mark if it was open water.
  4. Tap Log Workout at the bottom of the screen.
  5. The logged workout will appear in your Feed and update your Profile stats. It will also save to any linked services, like Apple Health or Strava.

Log a Structured Workout

To get the most out of MySwimPro, we recommend using structured workouts. It’s the best way to to interval training, and ensures your splits will record if you’re using a wearable. To learn more about interval training and how it benefits your swimming, checkout our blog: What is Interval Training?

  1. Open a structured workout on your phone. You can open the Workout of the Day or choose a workout from our library in the Library tab, or load a workout from your Training Plan in the Coach tab. If you’d like to write your own custom workout, tap the big blue “+” button and select New Workout.
  2. Edit the workout to reflect the sets you did or plan to do. To enter edit mode, tap Edit in the upper right corner. To learn more about editing workouts, see our support article here.
  3. Once the workout is ready, tap the Done button.
  4. If you like this workout so much you might want to do it again, you can save it to your library now by tapping Save for Later at the bottom of your screen.
  5. If you have a compatible wearable device: Now is the time to load the workout to the device and swim! To load it to your device, just open the Load Workout screen on the device while the workout is open on your phone. When you finish the workout on your watch, it will automatically log!
  6. If you don’t have a wearable: Tap the Save Activity button at the bottom of your screen to log the workout!
  7. The logged workout will appear in your Feed and update your Profile stats. It will also save to any linked services, like Apple Health or Strava.


Log An Unguided Swim With a Wearable

With Garmin and Apple Watch devices, it’s easy to just tap START and swim!
With a Garmin device:
Make sure you have Garmin Sync enabled in MySwimPro, then use the default Garmin swimming functionality when you swim. MySwimPro will do its best to automatically detect sets, and will log stroke counts, SWOLF, and more! For guided workouts on Garmin, check out our Connect IQ app!
With an Apple Watch: 
Use the MySwimPro Apple Watch app and select Pool Swim or Open Water swim, depending on if you are swimming in a pool or open body of water. Be sure to use Drill Mode when kicking or doing drills!
When you’re done, end and save the workout – the logged workout will appear in your Feed and update your Profile stats. It will also save to any linked services, like Apple Health or Strava. To learn more about our Apple Watch app, check out our blog: How To Use The MySwimPro Apple Watch App!

Swim Smarter With MySwimPro

Find a personalized swim training plan designed for you! Download the MySwimPro app to start swimming today! Find workouts in our Library, or subscribe to a training plan in the Coach tab. Working on technique? Check out our technique videos in the Coach tab. To learn more about logging workouts, check out our support site.



  1. Do you have plans to make the app work with Suunto watches in the future? Lots of athletes use Suunto watches and it is a shame it isn’t currently compatible.

    • Hi there! We no longer support FitBit devices. We have passed your request about the Google Pixel Watch on to our development team!

  2. why isn’t there a play button on the workout itself… like – showing the remaining time – saying go, moving automatically to the next set?

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