We recently launched new analytics with Heart Rate Segments for our community members who swim with a Garmin Watch! After you save a workout, you can see your heart rate graphed over the course of the swim, and easily see your intensity on the graph for each set.

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The Heart Rate Graph

The heart rate graph will appear for all workouts logged from a Garmin Smartwatch or Garmin Heart Rate Strap (assuming enough heart rate data is collected). Under the graph, you can find your average and maximum heart rate for the workout. It’s a truly remarkable experience with more enhancements coming in future updates.

The heart rate graph is only available for MySwimPro Coach members. Start your free 7-day trial > 
Selecting a heart rate segment

Segmented Heart Rate Analysis

Want to know what set you were on when your heart rate was highest? Select the point on the graph, and the set corresponding to that part of the graph will highlight in blue! The average and maximum values will update to reflect to the highlighted range on the graph, too. You can see a breakdown of the two rounds of the Butterfly set I did below:

  • Round 1: 4 x 50s Butterfly @ :55
  • Splits: :39, :40, :41, :41
  • Average Heart Rate: 168 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 191 bpm

It also works in reverse: select the set you’d like to see highlighted on the workout, and it will highlight it in blue on the graph.

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Heart Rate Training

Understanding your heart rate data can really help you improve your swimming performance and make sure you’re applying the right intensity over the course of different sets within a workout. You use the graph to track how much your heart rate increased during a descending set, or watch it decrease during cool down. Be sure to watch our Whiteboard Wednesday on Energy Zones to get the most out of MySwimPro workouts:

Looking to hold a specific heart rate zone during your race pace set? Select it to see how you held up during the set! Be sure to upgrade to Coach to unlock the full potential of your heart rate data!
Have an idea for something cool we could do with heart rate data? Let me know at mike@myswimpro.com!



  1. Hello!!! Will this works with the wrist HRM in Garmin Forerunner 735 XT? or the chest band will be required?

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