In this post, Mexico-based Ambassador Mina Chrys (@minachrys)Β πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ shares why she loves swimming and how she’s training better than ever with the MySwimPro app.

Meet Mina:

Hello! My name is Herminia (Mina) Chrys, and I am from Tampico, Mexico. I’m 36 years old, I live alone with two cats and a dog, and I’m the youngest of four children. I work as an insurance broker, which is great because I really love helping people protect their loved ones.

My Swimming Background:

As usual, I learned to swim at a young age, maybe 8 or 9 years old, but didn’t really discover its benefits until about four years ago, when I started training at my local club. I started swimming again because I had a problem with my neck, and my therapist recommended it to develop some strength to my neck muscles.
When I first got back into training, I just tried to keep afloat and not get tired after a couple hundred meters, but it was challenging because I didn’t really have a clue how to swim or improve my technique.

Then I Tried The MySwimPro App:

I found out about MySwimPro and started following the training plans in theΒ ELITE Program, and even shared some workouts with some of my friends.

“MySwimPro has been really useful in helping me improve my pace and distance.”

I’m short, and although I’ve never really been overweight, sedentary life was making a mess off my body. Ever since I started regularly using the app, it’s been easier not to lose control of body fat.
I also really like running, and by improving my swimming and breathing, it has helped a lot to improve my overall physical condition. Now I just need to focus on getting some leg strength!

How I Use MySwimPro:

I have the MySwimPro app on my iPhone, where I can follow my personal training plan, and watch helpful technique videos. In fact, it was thanks to this video that I finally was able to do a flip turn!
I pair the app with my Apple Watch, so I can just automatically track all my swims and get the workout in the pool.

“With the app, I started really enjoying swimming. It has helped me discover a lot of things that I’m truly capable of, and it also has helped me become much more disciplined.”

My Swimming Goals:

I used to take swimming very seriously, and it took away all the fun. Now my goal is to just always enjoy my time in the water.
Right now I am training for an open water 5k competition in April. The workouts in the app have been perfect! Hope it all goes well!

My Advice For New Swimmers:

  1. Try to focus on continuous progress
  2. Watch your technique
  3. Start where you can and thing will improve. Sometimes we try really hard to do more than we can, and when we can’,t that leads to frustration.
  4. Celebrate improvement
  5. Join a team if possible, it always help to encourage one another

You are crushing it, Mina! We are so happy to have you on our team as an Ambassador. Thanks for sharing your story, keep up the hard work!
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