If you swim on your own, it can be hard to come up with new and creative swim workouts. Doing the same thing over and over can get old really fast. This workout is from a four part series on how to add variety to your swim workouts through: Intensity, Distance, Stroke, and use of equipment!

  • Distance: 2,000 Yards
  • Duration: 43 Minutes
  • Focus: Stroke Variation

Variation through stroke and IM is potentially the most taxing on your body and will burn the most calories in the shortest period of time. Swimming strokes other than freestyle will engage different muscles and energy systems that you wont train if you only swim one stroke. This Main Set calls for 3 x 100s IM (25 Butterfly, 25 Backstroke, 25 Breaststroke, 25 Freestyle) at Threshold followed by three rounds of 4 x 25s of each stroke: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke. Training the strokes broken through 25s rather than swimming a continuous 100 allows you to maintain stroke integrity. The 25s are followed by 4 x 50s IM Order at Best Average.

Workout Analysis & Commentary

My favorite type of workout is geared towards racing the 100 IM. My best event is the 100 Breaststroke; however, I get the most enjoyment from the 100 IM because of its variety. Training for it is no different and keeps workouts mentally and physically engaging. Given my enthusiasm for the workout variety, I wanted to mix things up and work on my worst stroke for the 3 x 100s in the Pre Set. I swam all the 100s backstroke and pretty pleased with how my stroke felt.

The Main Set was physically taxing. I underestimated just how much effort 25s Fly are after doing 100s IM. I was happy with how I maintained my stroke across all 12 x 25s Stroke across the three sets. My final 4 x 50s IM Order were strong splitting: :29, :34, :34, :31. In combination that would equate to a 2:08 200 IM. Although I was not trying to go fast, for the effort I was deploying and how few strokes per length I was able to take (7/length on butterfly and 5/length on breaststroke), I was happy with the times!

Be sure to check out the full series on How To Vary Your Swim Training through Intensity, Distance, Stroke, and Equipment.
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