On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show, we’re in Mesa, Arizona at the 2019 U.S. Masters Nationals Championships. Ambassador Karen Mackenzie joins us to share how she lost 110 pounds and changed her life forever with the MySwimPro app!

“In the full month of January 2018 I swam 8,000 yards… and now 1.5 years later, I just swam 6,000 yards this morning before work.”

Meet Karen:

Karen is based out of Tempe, Arizona and swims at least 4 days per week. In January 2018, she set a goal to lose 50 pounds, and she absolutely crushed it! A year and a half later, she has lost 110 pounds!

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Before Training With MySwimPro: 

“Before MySwimPro, I was always telling myself I needed to do something with my eating habits and my exercise. So I would get back in the pool. But, it was often-times hard, because I didn’t have the structure I had in college. It was easy to get bored because I wasn’t good at writing my own workouts, and I wasn’t good at pushing myself.”

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Her Thoughts on Weight Loss: 

“It’s ridiculously difficult when you struggle with weight loss, but from a scientific perspective, it’s not that hard – it is calories in, calories out, and you figure it out.”

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“It just made such a difference in keeping my motivated and engaged in the water, because the workouts are reasonable. With MySwimPro, you can push yourself as hard as you want to. I always saw progress, which made me even more motivated.”

On Setting Goals: 

“I feel AMAZING! You know, I am 46 years old, so my body doesn’t snap back the same way as when I was 20. I still have loose skin, but my muscles are so much more toned, I can do things like take the stairs and swim 6,000 yards before work….  My goal for 2019 is to swim 500 miles!”

Why Should Beginners Try MySwimPro? 

“For beginners, this is exactly what you need. MySwimPro gives you the ability to start small. I was a competitive swimmer when I was a kid, but a year and a half ago…. I was NOT a competitive swimmer. The app allows you to build your skills, on your own time. It has everything you need to learn the skills you need.”

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What Is Your Advice For Reaching Goals?

  1. Figure out why you want to do it.
  2. Set smaller, achievable goals.
  3. Set a strategic vision of where you want to be long-term.

Interview Notes:

  • 0:25 – Meet Karen!
  • 1:00 – When and how did you start swimming?
  • 1:10 – High school and college swimming experience.
  • 3:30 – Managing weight and my work/life balance.
  • 4:11 – Why it was hard to start swimming again without a coach.
  • 5:00 – How I got inspired to change daily habits.
  • 5:45 – Diet and fitness changes I decided to make.
  • 6:06 – What changed in January 2018.
  • 6:25 – How to be patient with your progress and stay motivated.
  • 6:55 – What my workouts looked like in the beginning.
  • 7:20 – How the MySwimPro app helped me.
  • 8:50 – New goal: Swim 500 miles in 2019!
  • 9:41 – What is it like to lose 110 pounds?
  • 10:05 – What are 3 main ways you lost weight?
  • 11:15 – What I eat in a typical day.
  • 12:40 – How do you feel?
  • 13:45 – How do you use the MySwimPro app?
  • 14:30 – What is your advice for people trying to reach their goals?
  • 15:55 – What is your advice for new swimmers?
  • 17:35 – What is next for you?
  • 18:40 – What are your health goals for 2019?

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