In this post, California-based athlete Matthew Kissel shares how the MySwimPro app helps him lose weight, get stronger, and be a better surfer and open water swimmer.


My name is Matt Kissel and I live in Del Mar, California. I currently work for a local tech company as a Project Manager. I fell in love with the water very early as a a 6 year old growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I swam competitively in High School and have continued training in the pool ever since. I started open water swimming when I became an ocean lifeguard and also do that from time to time.

My first love was surfing but I consider myself an all around waterman and love pool swimming, open water swimming and body surfing as well.


What I love about swimming is that it’s a pure sport that keeps you young at heart. In a world full of distractions, swimming can be quite meditative as it immerses you in the medium of water. What a gift!

Following my high school swimming days, I loved swimming but struggled without having a coach on deck. I would just create my own workouts or look up workouts on the internet which wasn’t an effective and focused training strategy.


The MySwimPro app has been a game changer for me.

I’m the kind of person that benefits from having a training program and something to work towards physically. That gets harder as you get older and usually requires joining a club or something like that which I don’t have time for. With MySwimPro, I can train at a high level but with more flexibility for my schedule which ensures I train more consistently.

Following a guided Training Plan in MySwimPro have helped me relieve stress, lose weight, and enhance my fitness for surfing and swimming. All these things have helped me live a more fulfilled lifestyle.

I import workouts into my Garmin Fenix 5 X and get after it! Before I get in the pool I watch technique videos that are a part of my swim session. I also watch all the training videos and use MySwimPro to deepen my knowledge of the sport which I think is something MySwimPro does a great job at and should continue to build on.


I’m in fantastic shape… actually, the best swimming shape I’ve been in since high school. Without even trying, I lost 15 pounds and when I go surf, I notice how much more in shape I am for longer surf sessions.

I’m also swimming as fast as I did in high school and actually think that over time I’ll become faster. Basically MySwimPro has helped me be the best swimmer I’ve ever been.

“I’m stoked to join the MySwimPro Community and can’t wait to share the joy and direction I’ve had with others. If anyone who is reading this lives in my area and wants to train, let me know!”


Right now I’m doing the 10-Week IMX Pro Challenge to challenge myself in all 4 strokes. After that I’m going to do the Open Water Program and compete in 3-4 open water races in the San Diego area this Summer.

Ultimately I am just enjoying training hard and staying in GREAT shape.


  1. Practice yoga to help you remain injury free and make you a better swimmer.
  2. Be disciplined about what you do to warm up before you get in the water to stay injury free and help ensure you swim for a life time.
  3. Keep variety in your training program to avoid burn out/boredom.
  4. Don’t make excuses, results come from hard work.
  5. Swimming is hard. Never forget that as a swimmer you are a part of a minority group of awesome people that have a very unique skill that most people don’t possess. Try to spread that skill to help others lead safer, healthier and fulfilled lives!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Matthew! We can’t wait to see you crush your goals this year!

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