In this episode of the #AskASwimPro Show, we’re chatting with the Global Marketing Manager of MyTriPro – Heath McKnight. Hear his journey of how he found his passion for triathlon and joined the MyTriPro team!

Meet Heath: 

Hi, my name is Heath! I live in Palm Beach, Florida and am excited to join the MySwimPro team. I have a film and video production background, and worked in TV news, independent film, corporate video and film education for a few years before moving into marketing and writing.

How He Got Into Triathlon:

A few years back, I had slowly gained weight and decided to start running. I really never ran before, so it was a big deal for me at the time. Since then, I ran everything from a 5K up to a few marathons. In early 2018, I decided a triathlon would be a great new challenge, so I ‘dove in’ and became a part of a great community

What Motivates Him:

The things that motivate me with triathlon include beating my best times, signing up for a longer distance race, pushing myself to succeed more.

What He Loves About Triathlon:

The triathlon community, which is very friendly and inclusive, plus very helpful when I was starting out. I now give back to those new to triathlon. The other thing I love is the training – I always feel great during and after a swim, bike or run training session.

His Advice For Beginner Triathletes:

Join a local triathlon community, or swim, bike and run groups. They will keep you motivated and give hard-earned suggestions as you start out. Sign up for a sprint or super sprint triathlon and set that as your goal, and just enjoy the training and race. Be patient with yourself as you make progress.

About MyTriPro:

Meet your new personal triathlon coach – the MyTriPro app. Crush your next triathlon with an easy-to-follow training plan tailored to your unique skills and goals. Train anywhere, anytime with your calendar of swim, bike, run and strength training workouts available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

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