One of the best ways to help you stick to your workout plan is involving other people in your plans. MySwimPro makes it easy to log swim and dryland workouts, then share cool custom graphics on your social media!

Sharing your workout on social media is easier than ever. The social share feature is designed to empower our global community members to share beautiful graphics that illustrate the amazing experience they had in the water with the MySwimPro app!

In addition to syncing your MySwimPro account to Strava, you can share your workouts with personalized analytics overlaid on top of vibrant graphics.

This media and data has been optimized for the top social networks including: Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

Share on Social Media

After logging a swim or dryland workout with MySwimPro, you can share your workout to social media directly from the feed by tapping on the share icon.

You have the option to choose from a beautiful collection of vibrant images as your background or you can upload your own picture. You’ll be able to toggle what data from your workout is displayed including the workout structure, your heart rate, time, and distance of training.

Additionally, you can add gradients to the top or bottom of the graphic (or both) and choose between light theme or dark theme text.

You can also change the size of the image you’ll share so it looks perfect on each unique social media channel. Below are the export options:

  • Instagram Story or Pinterest: 16:9 vertical
  • Instagram or Facebook Post: 5:4 vertical
  • Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Post: 1:1 square

Share Open Water Workouts

You can even share open water swims with MySwimPro. Did you track a great workout with your Apple Watch or Garmin smartwatch? Perfect!

Share it with your friends! You can even pinch and drag the map overlay to it looks just the way you like it when you share the image to your Instagram Story, as a post or on any other social network.

The MySwimPro global community is growing faster than ever! The iPhone and Android Apps not only delivers personalized workouts and training plans, but also features new achievements to help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Unlock Achievements

There are hundreds of achievements to unlock in the MySwimPro app and each has a unique badge. All the badges you’ve unlocked are shown on your profile, and you can see which ones you’re working towards completing. Some achievements are easier to unlock than others – like unlocking your first workout. Other badges are harder to obtain like crossing the English Channel.

Achievements are awesome because they help keep you motivated and accountable to your swim workouts. They anchor our performance expectations to a higher standard and increase our self efficacy. Completing goals leads to satisfaction. You feel a sense of commitment and community. You can share these badges and feel a sense of connectedness to our global community of swimmers!

Start logging workouts in the MySwimPro app and share your progress on social media! Take your swimming to the next level with our global community and earn achievements along the way! You can log an unlimited number of workouts and win achievements in the app for FREE forever.

Get started today!!


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