In this episode of the #AskASwimPro Show, we’re in St. Louis, Missouri at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention! I’m joined by special guests Pat Mathison and William Kolb! We discuss Adult Learn To Swim and hear from Pat’s incredible story how she learned how to swim at the age of 53!

Meet Patricia and William

Patricia Mathison is an Adult Learn To Swim graduate! She learned how to swim at the age of 53! William is an Adult Learn To Swim instructor who has taught hundreds of adults how to swim. Pat and William live in Louisville, Kentucky and are passionate about teaching adults how to swim!

Pat was the keynote speaker for the U.S. Masters Swimming delegation at the United States Aquatic Sports convention in St. Louis and her story of learning how to swim and then transferring that knowledge and passion to teach others is truly inspiring!

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This is an incredible story about giving back and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds that it is never too late to learn how to swim!

Learning How To Swim at Age 53

Pat will tell you that she was never afraid of the water, but she didn’t know how to swim. Although apprehensive at first, she committed to trying an Adult Learn to Swim Program in her community. With the support of great coaches, in just a few lessons, Pat knew how to swim and was teaching others.

Pat credits her instructor Amy and William for their continuous support. She is now an advocate for teaching adults how to swim. You can learn more about Adult Learn To Swim programs by U.S. Masters Swimming here.

“Once I had that feeling of liberation, I wanted to tell everyone!” – Patricia Mathison

Y’all Wanna Swim? (It’s Free)

Pat is committed to sharing the joy of swimming with her community and family. William, Pat and others recognize the importance of teaching swimming, a life-skill to everyone regardless of age, skill level, or background.

Pat’s story has been featured in the U.S. Masters Swimming Swimmer magazine highlighting the power of Adult Learn to swim programs. Invigorated by the experience, Pat continues to evangelize for the program. Her friends began filling up class rosters and creating wait lists for future sessions.

She shared photos of her achievement on Facebook, and the response was so overwhelming and enthusiastic that the social media giant dispatched a video crew to Louisville to tell her story as part of the platform’s recent “gratitude” campaign.

Pat’s story is an inspiration and as she puts it: Liberating. You can’t beat the feeling of floating through the water and we thank Pat for all the work she is doing teaching others how to swim!

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  1. Masaru Horiuchi on

    I learned to swim 3 years ago at 54. I took a few beginners lessons and joined a Masters program, Southern California Aquatics (SCAQ).
    It changed my life.

  2. I knew how to swim but never learned how to swim properly. Decided it was time to learn with a swim coach. It has been amazing! Now I am committed to swimming. Can’t wait to be able to swim laps without stopping.

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