You might know Ryan Seacrest as the American TV personality, know for hosting and producing programing around the world, but did you know he’s also a great swimmer!

On an episode of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly asked Ryan about his experience on swim team after mentioning he swims in an indoor lap pool in his New York City apartment building. Check out what Ryan Seacrest had to say about that and his top swimming tips.

Ryan Seacrest swam in high school and specialized in the Butterfly events and the Individual Medley. Butterfly is considered one of the most challenging strokes in competitive swimming. Individual Medley consists of all four competitive strokes in the following order:

  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Front Crawl

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Ryan’s tips for tackling swimming’s most challenge stroke include: Keeping your feet together, touching with two hands at the wall, and using your entire body in an undulation pattern to move through the water like a dolphin. Olympic Champion, Michael Phelps made his first Olympic team in 2000 in the 200 meter butterfly. Ryan interviewed Michael before the 2012 Olympics.

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Ryan talked about the Individual Medley order being very important in order to not be DQ’d (disqualified). The I.M. is unique in that you change strokes within the same event. Kelly and Ryan really enjoyed talking about swimming. It’s the best form of fitness and burns a ton of calories!

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