In this post, we’re sharing Anna Collin’s (@wyo_anna) story of how she made her swimming comeback!

Anna was a competitive synchronized swimmer for years (check out that awesome photo!) and struggled with keeping up her swimming fitness after graduating from college. Hear her story of how she found her spark again and now loves to swim laps.

Meet Anna:

Hi, my name is Anna Collins! I am from Rawlins, Wyoming and .I am a very active person. I frequently do all sorts of physical activities such as swimming, running, cross country skiing, hiking and snow shoeing. This is my husband and I 🙂

I started swimming at the age of 8 on my local synchronized swimming club. During high school I swam for my synchro club, high school swim team, and USA club team. I was swimming about 6 hours a day.

I loved it so much, that I made the decision to continue synchronized swimming at the University of Arizona.

After college I swam for a U.S. Masters Synchronized Swimming club. Unfortunately when I moved to Wyoming, I found that there are no USMS clubs in my area so I began coaching for a youth USA Swimming club team.

Ever since I moved to Wyoming I had been wanting to get back into swimming again, but it was really difficult to do without a coach or organized team.

What It’s Like To Train Alone:

I found it difficult to come up with sets for myself (even though I was doing it for the kids I coach) and then I found it hard to push myself when I was swimming.

I found swimming alone to be really challenging.

I discovered the MySwimPro app when I was looking for swimming apps that were compatible with my Garmin watch.

I love it! I now pick a workout from the library in the app, or sometimes create my own – and then sync them to my watch while I swim.

How MySwimPro Helps:

Having the workouts guiding me on my watch with intervals has really helped hold me accountable.

You can’t slow down when your watch will show you missed the interval.

I also don’t quit or skip sets because there is something about having the workout right there (instead of in my head) that makes me want to finish the whole workout.”

I am really excited to continue my swim training with MySwimPro!

Through a combination of running and swimming I have lost 30 pounds!

My mind and my body feel so much healthier and more energized. MySwimPro has helped me set new goals so that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In 2020 I am trying to qualify to swim a bunch of events at the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships. I know you can swim some event without times, but having times to work towards has helped motivate me to try harder. My workouts with MySwimPro are definitely keeping me on track, and I can’t wait to get faster in the upcoming months.

Swimming by yourself is really difficult if you’re used to being a part of a team. MySwimPro has helped me feel like part of a team even when I am going at it alone.”

I am so excited to be back in the pool and feel energized for each swim. Thank you MySwimPro for all your help!

Way to go, Anna! We are so excited to hear that you’re reaching your goals in swimming! Keep up the great work 🙂

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