2020 is the year for our swimming community to get stronger together! We teamed up with Funkita to showcase some amazing swimmers who are getting stronger in and out of the water.

Maria Martin (@mariamartinrecio) is a MySwimPro Ambassador and triathlete based in Berlin, Germany. In this guest blog, she shares how she is staying fit and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what triathletes and swimmers can do to keep up their training.

What we first thought was a problem in China has become a global issue, so in the end it seems that we citizens of the world have something in common. This pandemic has caught us all off guard and is about to end the triathlon preseason. 

I don’t know when the triathlon season will start again, and you should see me at home with tears in my eyes as I watch everything be canceled. I am just a simple amateur athlete who enjoys the kick of adrenaline that this sport gives…I do not even want to imagine how all the Olympic heroes and heroines feel. Pools and lakes are closed, and the smartest and least selfish thing is to #stayhome.

Let’s say I’m learning to live in a different way. These days we can’t get wet beyond the shower and washing our hands every time we touch something. Instead, I’m focusing a lot on the strength of my muscles and yes, also my brain.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

As many know, triathlon, apart from requiring a brutal effort from your body, is much more bearable with a healthy mind. Being locked up in our homes does not help us think clearly. We are deprived of many privileges, such as going out to have a coffee with friends or working out outdoors. That is why I was forced to improve what I spent the least time doing in my life: planning. I plan my days around different corners of my little studio apartment, from working, to meditating, to working out, cooking, dancing, Facetime, reading, etc.

I have suffered from an anxiety disorder for around 5 years, so for me it’s necessary to strengthen my brain through meditation and yoga. Both will help you get through those long miles in the water and on the road. One of my favorite meditation apps is Headspace, which has a wide variety of exercises for both beginners and veterans. When it comes to Yoga, YouTube is my bible and Yoga with Adriene’s swimming specialty will help you warm up your muscles and feel like you just got out of the pool!

Staying Strong

Strength training seems to be the discipline for which I find it most difficult to stay motivated. We have thousands of possibilities to make our arms, back and legs strong as rocks without equipment. When I run out of ideas, I use the MySwimPro app and look at the exercise library which now also includes dryland workouts!

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Keep Learning

Take advantage of these days at home to immerse yourself in theory to put into practice later. I am really enjoying the book The Triathlete’s Training Bible by Joe Friel. It is teaching me how to understand and fuel my body and how to plan my training and rest, among other things. Sit down and ask Google all those silly questions that come to your mind every time you don’t achieve the results you were aiming for, or search for professional advice. I assure you that having the full picture will make you invincible out there.

Try Virtual Races

If you can’t wait and want to join a race, IRONMAN Virtual Club allows you to participate in online running and cycling races. Compete with people all over the world and win cool gadgets! 

As you can see, you can always do lots of things at home, so start moving and let’s keep the good shape together!

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