Hip mobility is important for a variety of reasons, both in the pool and in your daily life. Tight hips impede proper muscular function, leading to imbalances and improper form in both swimming and dryland exercises. A lack of hip flexibility can also contribute to poor posture and lower back pain.

Hip Flexor Stretch Dryland

Proper hip mobility helps you develop a strong, efficient kick, especially in long-axis strokes like freestyle and backstroke. Check out one of our favorite stretches for the hips and quadriceps (front of the thigh)!

How To: Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Kneel on the ground: Try to maintain a 90º angle with both legs.
  • Tuck your pelvis under: Don’t arch your back. If you were to look in a mirror, your back should be nice and flat from your shoulders down to your tailbone. Doing this could give you a pretty good stretch by itself!
  • Reach up: If your right knee is on the ground, reach up to the ceiling with your right hand. As you inhale, reach a little higher. Exhale and hold. Don’t let your shoulder shrug up to your ear!
  • Lean forward slightly: If your pelvis is tucked, you shouldn’t need to lean forward too much to feel a nice stretch. If you’d like, lean forward a tiny bit during each exhale, leading with your chest. 

We recommend stretching after all of your workouts for at least a few minutes. Try holding this stretch for 30-40 seconds on each side. If you’d like to open up your hips before your workout, try 15-20 seconds per side.

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  • Add some padding: If it’s uncomfortable to place your knee on the ground, try putting it on a pillow or a rolled up towel.
  • Try stretching standing up: If it’s not possible for you to get down on one knee, you can still benefit from this stretch! Simply stand with one foot in front of the other, about 2 feet apart. Tuck your pelvis, shift forward and you should feel a nice stretch in the front of your back leg!

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