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Tips To Put On Your Wetsuit

1. Wetsuit Prep

Make sure you’re wearing a triathlon suit, swimsuit or swim jammers. Use anti-chafing balm around your neck, wrists, and ankles. Also, ensure you’re completely dry. You don’t want to attempt to suit up while you’re wet!

2. Unzip Your Wetsuit

Roll the top down to the waist, and ensure the zipper is on the back. You’ll want to keep the torso of the suit inside out for as long as possible to avoid scratching or tears.

3. Start with Your Feet

Line up the stitching to be in the right alignment, and put your feet in, one at a time. You’ll want the bottom of the suit to be between your calf and ankle. Pro Tip: Use a plastic bag to make it easier to get your foot in. Pull up to your thighs, and smooth out any bunched fabric around the calves.

4. Pull the Suit Up to Your Hips

Pull up from the inside of the wetsuit as much as possible, and work out the rolls. It’s important to make sure you have the suit positioned well on your lower body before starting on the upper body.

5. Pull the Suit Up Over Your Butt

Pull the suit over your butt, and smooth out the thighs. You may find that you’ll need to gradually ease the suit up to avoid bunching.

6. Insert Your Arms

Alternate your arms, inserting one hand and lifting your arm to ease the suit up to your shoulders. It’s important to gently pull the suit up to your shoulders to ensure you get proper mobility during your swim.

7. Stretch (Part 1)

Now that you have the suit on, stretch it out before you zip up! Lift your arms overhead, do a few squats and smooth out the fabric.

8. Zip it Up

You’ll find a cord attached to the zipper on the back of the suit. This is long enough for you to zip the suit up yourself, or you can have someone help you. Grab the cord behind you, pull it up over your head to zip!

9. Lock it Up

Once your suit is zipped up, you’ll find velcro fasteners at the back of the neck, which you close around the zipper. Make sure it’s nice and snug to hold your zipper in place.

10. Stretch (Part 2)

Do one final stretch before you hop in the water. Jump, walk, grab opposite knees, and move around to ensure the suit feels right.

Pro Tips

  • Take Your Time: You probably won’t get your suit on in less than 5 minutes the first time, but don’t worry! Take the time to get it right.
  • Use Gloves: Wetsuits can be scratched pretty easily, so make sure you take care while pulling your suit up. Trim your nails or wear gloves, and try keeping the suit inside out as much as possible while you pull it up.
  • Ensure You’re 100% Dry: We don’t recommend putting on your wetsuit while you’re wet. It will take forever! Give yourself time to air dry or liberally towel off before suiting up.
  • Use a Bag and a Chair: A plastic grocery bag can be a huge help for getting the suit over your feet and hands. A chair can give you a break while you work on inching the suit up your legs!
  • Stay in the Shade: Putting on a wetsuit can be a workout in itself, so try to find shade while you’re putting it on!

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  1. Nice tips !
    But, too bad, because the Vanquish swim suite shipping doesn’t go to France from the Zone3 US site.
    Same too bad, as the MSP15 15% discount code doesn’t exist in the Zone3 french site.

  2. Some good tips here Fares
    Using a bag on your arms is also helpful!
    I always use gloves. It’s so easy to get fingernail nicks – even when you are using your fingers and not the tips to get the suit on. They happen very easily!

  3. The easiest way to take off your wetsuit is in the water! You will need to be in thigh-depth water or you will need to float in the water to make it work. Use water to “fill” the arms – peel off each one and then the legs. You will have it off in less than a minute when you.
    Standing on one foot while you do your legs can be a bit tricky and you may overbalance. I sometimes stand on the wetsuit to provide the counter pressure to pull it off my leg. If you do this make sure there are no rocks or bits and pieces that may damage the suit. A sandy bottom is best if you use this option.
    The other way is to stand in a shower and allow the wetsuit to fill up with some water before you peel it off each limb. Happy wet-suiting!

  4. Hana Eckermann on

    What works really well for the arms is to turn the wetsuit sleeves inside out first. Prepare already before you start with your legs.
    When you have the suit at your waist, start the arms: grab the end of the inside out arm sleeve with your fingers and while holding the edge, push your arm through inside of that sleeve tunnel. This movement will automatically turn the sleeve the right way and get you in the sleeve in no time! Then you pull the sleeve edge the whole way over upto your wrist and adjust as needed.

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