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Putting on a wetsuit is a workout in itself, and taking it off can be, too, if you don’t do it right!

It’s important to practice removing your wetsuit so you can easily slip out of it when you’re tired after a long open water swim or race. If you master these 5 tips, you could be out of your wetsuit in 30 seconds or less!

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Tips to Take Off Your Wetsuit 

1. Open Velcro and Pull Zipper

When you’re finished with your swim, unstick the velcro at the back of your neck and pull the zipper straight down. Pulling in other directions too forcefully could cause your suit to rip! You may need a buddy to help you with this part!

2. Peel Arms

Now, it’s time to tackle the arms of your suit. Shimmy off one shoulder at a time and pull the suit down past your elbows, alternating arms. You will likely turn your suit inside out while doing this, and that’s totally ok!

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3. Pull Past Torso and Hips

Continue pulling your suit down, inside out. Keep your suit inside out as much as possible to avoid tearing it! Take your time on this step, using big pulls to squeeze out of the suit. Smaller pulls and side to side movements won’t get you very far here!

4. Pull Down Legs

Next you’ll work on peeling the suit off of your legs. After pulling the suit down past your knees, step on the suit and use alternating, high knee movements to pull the suit down further. Don’t be too forceful with your high knees — you could damage your suit!

It can be helpful to lay down a towel during this part of the process to avoid getting sand and other debris inside your suit.

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5. You’re Free!

If you didn’t get your suit off completely in the last step, pull the suit off one foot at a time and you’re free! Sit down if needed for this, but make sure not to sit down until you have pulled your suit down past your hips.

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Wetsuit Care Tips

Wetsuits are an investment, and you should take care of yours! Here’s how to extend the life of your suit:

  • Wash the wetsuit with cold water. You should wash your suit after every swim. It’s more gentle on the suit’s material than warm or hot water.
  • Hang dry the suit in the shade. Dry the suit inside out. Keep it out of the sun as much as possible!
  • Store your suit in a mesh bag to keep it clean and dry.
  • Wash your suit with special wetsuit shampoos at least once per season.
  • Don’t rush taking off your wetsuit. The only time you need to rush is if you’re in the middle of a triathlon!
  • Don’t be lazy. Don’t skimp on wetsuit care and follow our recommendations for putting on and taking off your suit.
  • Practice! You’ll get better at taking off your wetsuit the more you do it.

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How do you care for your wetsuit? What are your tips for quick and easy wetsuit removal? Let us know in the comments! Get 15% off your order at with code MSP15!

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