If you have made it to the swimming side of TikTok, you have likely seen one of Silvia Solymosyová’s videos. Under the username @sisa_solymosyova, she dances to music underwater, captivating audiences all over the world with her incredible artistic swimming skills.

Based in Slovakia, 17-year-old Silvia is the first swimmer to reach 1 million followers on TikTok — an incredible feat! 

Making Underwater Videos

Silvia’s videos are perfectly timed to music. She dances completely submerged, flipping upside down and expertly twirling better than some dancers on land! She loves creating choreography that expresses emotions, and that definitely shows through in her videos.

Sometimes, she uses waterproof headphones to line up her choreography to the music, but she often goes without, keeping the beat in her head!


Let me take you to summer days☀️💦Pls tag @jasonderulo to notice me!✨#TakeYouDancing #TakeYouDancingHungary #artisticswimming #underwaterdance

♬ Take You Dancing – Jason Derulo

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Silvia finds video inspiration from other famous creators, and often makes videos based on comments or suggestions from her followers. She typically films content for TikTok every few days. With so many amazing videos, Silvia can’t pick a favorite! 

Inspiring Her Community


Silvia says that many of her followers are impressed that she can stay underwater for so long, and with such control. She enjoys being an inspiration to them, and loves seeing when people try out artistic swimming because of her videos. She says that the sport of artistic swimming is definitely growing, and it’s cool to be a part of that! 

Artistic Swimming Training

Silvia regularly competes as part of the Slovakian National Team, and hopes to make the Olympic team in 2028. She trains up to 6 times per week, depending on her school schedule.

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Before the pandemic, Silvia competed about once per month. She has her eyes set on Slovakian National Championships in December! 

When she’s not getting fancy with artistic swimming, Silvia enjoys swimming backstroke and breaststroke.

Make sure to follow Silvia on TikTok at @sisa_solymosyova or on Instagram at @sisa_solymosyova!

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