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It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do the 50 free with no breath, improve your underwaters or get more comfortable in the water — breath control is essential. And just like other aspects of swimming technique, you can always improve your breathing, even if you’re an advanced swimmer!

In fact, Fares has been a swimmer his entire life and he’s still working on breath control. He recently started a structured breath training program and was able to improve his accessible lung capacity by 25% in just 4 weeks!

That might seem like a crazy number — but it’s true! Here’s how Fares did it with the help of Airofit’s Breathing Trainer.

About the Airofit Breathing Trainer

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Most athletes don’t spend time exercising their respiratory muscles, resulting in inefficient breathing. Airofit fills that gap in training with sport-specific breathing programs that strengthen and mobilize the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. A strong respiratory system results in: 

  • More efficient breathing patterns: A weak diaphragm can pull much-needed blood away from your limbs during high intensity exercise or races. 
  • Increased accessible lung capacity: When your respiratory musculature is strong and flexible, you inhale more usable air with each breath.
  • Increased anaerobic threshold: Breath control training gets your muscles used to an oxygenless environment. This will allow you to perform at top speeds for longer.

Airofit’s Breathing Trainer is small, lightweight and connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can visualize your breathing and track your progress in the Airofit Sport app. It’s easy to fit the program into your schedule, with each day’s exercises taking no more than a few minutes. The app feels like a video game that you control in real time using your breath!

You don’t have to be trying to break a world record or do a 50 no breath to get value from training with Airofit. If you want to reduce fatigue during workouts or take fewer breaks between laps, breath control training can help!

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The Results

At the start of his breath training journey, Fares measured his accessible lung capacity at 5.8 liters. For context, the average for a person of Fares’ age and gender is about 4.3 liters, so he was already about 34% higher than average. 

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Over the course of his training, Fares measured lung capacity almost every day during his swimming-specific training plan in the Airofit Sport app. 

After about a month of using the Airofit Breathing Trainer, Fares increased his accessible lung capacity to 7.4 liters — a 27% increase! That puts him about 73% higher than the average male of his age. He also saw significant improvements in his maximal inhale and exhale pressure. 

With an incredible transformation like that, Fares is definitely feeling the difference breath training can make. It’s easier for him to do no breath 50s, he can push his underwaters a little bit further without going into as much oxygen debt, and feels more calm and collected in the water. 

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