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You’ve probably seen videos of people swimming against a current in a small pool. It’s like a treadmill for swimming…or is it? You might be surprised to know that it’s not just for fun — it can actually be a good workout!

From technique work to precise pace training, swimming in an Endless Pool or swim spa can be a great option for swimmers of all levels.

What are Endless Pools Products?

If you want to swim at home but don’t have the space or budget for a full-length lap pool, Endless Pools products are a great alternative! 

Whether you’re training for a swim meet, open water race or a triathlon, these pools are a great way to supplement your training or even completely replace swimming in a traditional lap pool. You can also use them for aqua therapy or just relaxing!

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Endless Pools’ counter current technology allows you to swim without flip turns for as long as you want. Just set the desired pace and swim in place against the current! They offer multiple models, including an Elite pool that goes as fast as 51 seconds per 100 yards!

Endless Pools products can be installed inside or outside, and you can customize them to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. They’re more affordable than you think! To learn more, request a free Endless Pools inspiration guide here >

6 Myths About Swimming in Endless Pools

1. You Can Only Swim Freestyle

All four strokes are fair game in Endless Pools! If you’re worried about hitting your hands on the sides of the pool during butterfly, or kicking the walls during breaststroke, don’t be. These pools are wide enough to swim comfortably.

You can also kick, swim with a snorkel or wear fins. If you swim with a swim mirror, you can focus on technique and make corrections with every stroke. In some cases, working on drills in an Endless Pool can actually be more beneficial than doing them in a regular pool!

2. You Have to Swim at a Slow Pace

This myth could not be further from the truth! Endless Pools allow you to set variable speeds with a remote control or mobile app, based on your pace per 100. You can swim sprint sets, or slow it down and swim easy.

If you’re an elite swimmer who is worried that these pools won’t be fast enough for you, there’s no need to fret. Check out the Endless Pools Elite model, which gets as fast as 51 seconds per 100.

3. It’s Not a Good Workout

You might be thinking that you need to go to the pool to get a good workout. Many Endless Pool owners will tell you that they can train hard right at home!

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Ultimately, your effort and how you structure your workout determines whether you get a good session in. If you challenge yourself with the right pace settings in the pool, incorporate equipment and mix up strokes, you’re guaranteed to finish your swim feeling good!

Having an Endless Pool at home removes numerous barriers to getting your workout in: commute time, lane availability and time constraints all go out the window when you have an Endless Pool! You won’t be distracted by other swimmers, either.

4. It’s Boring

Swimming in Endless Pools products is a blast! You’re in your own world, in a 100% private pool that’s under your control.

Swimming in a lap pool can be boring, too, if you don’t have a good workout planned. Mix up your intervals, vary your pace, incorporate different strokes, and your workout will fly right by!

Create a time-based Workouts in the MySwimPro app and sync them to your smartwatch for reminders to rest or change up the pace!

5. It Feels Different from a Normal Pool

In pools or open water, you are often at the mercy of mother nature and other conditions, which can impact how you perform. Endless Pools remove those variables, so your workouts are always consistent.

The way the current hits your body allows you to get into an early vertical forearm more easily than when you’re in a regular pool.

Some swimmers report that swimming in an Endless Pool feels similar to swimming in open water rather than a lap lane, and that may be due to the fact that there are no turns! Since you don’t have to look for the wall to turn, you can refine your head position as well.

6. It’s for Amateurs Only

You might think that elite swimmers have no reason to use these pools. Wrong!

Numerous universities have Endless Pools installed to use for many of the reasons listed above: technique work, aqua therapy, pace training and more. American Olympian Cody Miller even has one in his backyard!

The beauty of Endless Pools is that they are for everyone, from the casual pool lounger, to the aqua jogger, to the recreational swimmer and yes, even the best of the best.

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