The CDC reports that there are approximately 11 drowning deaths every day in the United States, and research has shown that race, socioeconomic status and limited access to aquatics facilities can make certain communities at higher risk for drowning.

Did you know that Native American people are twice as likely to drown as white people, and Black people are 1.5 times as likely to drown compared to white people (CDC)? While these numbers are troubling, there are some incredible nonprofit organizations hard at work to reverse the statistics and increase access to water safety education around the country.

Based on nominations from our global swimming community, the following 4 organizations have been selected to receive donations from MySwimPro’s 2021 World Swim Day fundraiser! Learn more about World Swim Day >

1. Swim Up Hill – Los Angeles County, CA, USA

Founded by American Para swimmer Jamal Hill, Swim Up Hill aims to teach 1 million people to swim. The organization focuses on children between the ages of 10 and 12 who live in dense urban areas in Los Angeles County, California.

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Swim Up Hill’s at-home swim education programs help children overcome a generational fear of water using trauma healing techniques. Due to limited access to community aquatic facilities in these communities, the programs are thoughtfully designed to be completed without a pool.

2. Diversity in Aquatics – United States

Diversity in Aquatics works to promote swimming, water safety and healthy aquatics activities among underrepresented communities across the United States.

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The organization’s aquatic councils approach water safety through the lens of social justice, education and public health, addressing how race, socioeconomic status and cultural stereotyping affect their communities.

Diversity in Aquatics encourages the swimming community to advocate for social change during the Social Justice Tread-a-Thon each year. The organization also hosts an annual convention, which brings aquatic professionals together to learn how to remove barriers to aquatics and create more diverse and inclusive pool environments. Learn more about the Diversity in Aquatics 2022 Convention >

Check out our interview with Diversity in Aquatics CEO Miriam Lynch:

3. Evolutionary Aquatics – Charlotte, NC, USA

Evolutionary Aquatics focuses on increasing access to swimming for Black and Indigenous people. Through swimming education and programming, the organization works to reconnect these communities with their rich aquatic heritage and correct historic inequalities.

The organization offers learn-to-swim classes, fitness swimming via their US Masters Swimming registered club, and kayaking. All programs are low or no cost.

4. Central Adult Learn-to-Swim, Inc. – Louisville, KY, USA

Central Adult Learn-to-Swim provides free swimming lessons to adults in the Louisville, Kentucky, USA area. As an organization, Central Adult Learn-to-Swim believes that every adult should feel safe and comfortable in the water.

After graduating from their initial learn-to swim program, adults can take advantage of additional “tune-up” classes through Central Adult Learn-to-Swim to advance their skills, including learning the competitive strokes.

With limited access to pools, Central Adult Learn-to-Swim’s programming ensures adults have year-round access to the water and essential water safety education!

If you’re interested in supporting these organizations, register for a World Swim Day Premium Ticket, and 100% of your purchase will be donated! Register here >


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