As MySwimPro’s VP of Engineering, Nick Newell leads our engineering and product teams, spearheading our efforts to create the best swim training experience for MySwimPro members.

Since joining the team in 2021, Nick has guided MySwimPro through a major app redesign and has created a team culture that prioritizes quality and reliability.

“Guided Workouts help our members understand what to do in the pool and hold them accountable.”

From planning and strategy to design and development, Nick’s ultimate goal is to focus on features that take the guesswork out of swim training for MySwimPro members – all they have to do is hop in the pool and swim their personalized Workouts!

Swimming Background

Nick swam for recreation throughout his life but hadn’t swum more than 100 yards for fitness until he started working at MySwimPro. He dove right in, eager to perfect his technique.

From those first 100 yards, Nick has made incredible strides with the help of MySwimPro’s Guided Workouts and Training Plans. These days, he’s crushing one-mile workouts like a pro, and has dropped more than 1:30 off of his 100 freestyle time! And lucky enough, those workouts also double as product testing!

“Being in the water makes me feel healthier and happier.”

Beyond his personal milestones in the sport, swimming has been a great way for Nick to connect with his two children, who also swim competitively. 

Fun Facts About Nick

  • He lives in Denver, Colorado and has climbed 32 of the state’s 58 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation).
  • He has 75 patents.
  • He was captain of the wrestling team in high school, and the dance team in college.
  • He loves watching basketball. Michael Jordan is his favorite player!

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