When you don’t have a swim coach on deck to explain your workouts to you, the sets, drills and workout structure can be overwhelming and tough to keep track of.

We created the new Pre-Workout Screen to help you better understand exactly what you’ll be doing during your workouts.

The Pre-Workout Screen does what an in-person coach would before a workout: It provides a quick overview of what’s to come in your workout, plus a breakdown of how to do drills and technique tips to think about as you swim.

You’ll be able to hit the pool with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect in your workout.

Prepare For Your Workouts

Tap on any workout in the MySwimPro app, and you’ll see the following on the Pre-Workout Screen:

  • The strokes you will swim
  • Equipment needed
  • Drill and technique videos Coach wants you to watch before you swim

When you’re ready to swim, tap “See My Workout” to review the full workout and send it to your smartwatch.

To check out the Pre-Workout Screen, open the MySwimPro app and sign up for MySwimPro Coach to unlock fully personalized swim workouts, Training Plans, Test Sets and detailed analytics!

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