We’re excited to announce that the Android MySwimPro app is now compatible with Wear OS smartwatches! 

This update expands the smartwatches MySwimPro is compatible with, allowing more swimmers to take advantage of guided workouts, detailed tracking and personalized training on their wrists.

The MySwimPro Android app is compatible with watches running Wear OS 3 or later. Sample watches include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6
  • Google Pixel 1 and 2 (heart rate, lap and split recording not supported)
  • See the full list of compatible smartwatches here

Over 2 million swimmers have downloaded the MySwimPro app to reach their health and performance goals in the water. With personalized guided workouts, training plans, technique videos and detailed analytics, the MySwimPro app gives you all the tools you need to train anytime, anywhere.

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“The MySwimPro app is a game changer for my swim training”

Nick Newell, Watch Testimonial Video >

Features of MySwimPro on Wear OS 4 (For Android Only)

  • Load & swim the Workout of the Day.
  • Load & swim your next Training Plan Workout.
  • Access your Workout Library (called “My Library).
  • Guided Workouts: View current set & “Up Next” sets. Watch will tap your wrist when it’s time to start each rep or set.
  • Live distance, rep, interval and heart rate tracking while you swim.

How to Load a Guided Workout on Your Wear OS Watch

  • Make sure your phone and watch are connected to the internet.
  • Open the MySwimPro app on your watch.
  • Scroll to select a Workout of the Day, your Training Plan or view your Workout Library.
  • Select a workout, and scroll down on your watch to view the workout structure and intervals.
  • Tap Start Workout to swim!
  • Note: If you want to make edits to a workout before swimming, save the edited workout to your library & navigate to “My Library” on the watch to open and swim the workout.

If you have questions about swimming with Wear OS and MySwimPro , contact our support team at support@myswimpro.com or visit our Support Site.

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