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Our Favorites:

MySwimPro App Subscription – MySwimPro Coach

Unlock a personalized swim training plan when you upgrade your account to a MySwimPro Coach subscription. With a fresh new guided workout every morning, to daily swim tip videos and premium analytics features – the MySwimPro app is everything you need to become a stronger swimmer. Available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Garmin and Wear OS smartwatches.

You can access workouts on your phone, smartwatches are optional! Start Free Trial >

Or, buy a digital gift card and send it to a loved one!

MySwimPro Swim Cap

Represent MySwimPro at your pool with our blue silicone SWIM caps! These high quality caps fit both men and women with long or short hair. Purchase on Amazon >

MySwimPro Swim Camp

Swim with Coach Fares Ksebati in paradise! Join an all-inclusive training camp for adults and get the ultimate swimming experience. With 1-on-1 technique coaching, unique workouts, healthy meals, and a fun boat excursion, the MySwimPro Swim Camp is a trip of a lifetime! Sign Up For a Swim Camp >

Underwater Audio Waterproof Music Players

Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks while you swim with waterproof music players from Underwater Audio: The official music player of MySwimPro! We love the Bone Conduction, SYRYN and the Delphin players, and the waterproof SwimBud headphones stay put through all four strokes and even flip turns. Use code MYSWIMPRO10 to save 10% >

Goggles, Suits, Fins, Smartwatches & More!

Our team at MySwimPro has put together a shopping list for all your essential swim gifts. From fins, to paddles, we have got you covered! Shop our recommended list for swimmers on our Amazon Storefront. Visit Our Amazon Storefront >

Airofit Breathing Trainer

Improve your vital lung capacity to swim faster with Airofit: The official breathing partner of MySwimPro! Airofit’s Breathing Trainer and the Airofit Sport App provide swimming-specific training programs to strengthen and mobilize your respiratory muscles, which can enhance your aerobic and anaerobic capacities while you swim. Shop with this link to save 15% >

Henson Shaving Razors

Shave for your next swim meet or level up your daily shaving routine with razors from Henson Shaving: The official shaving partner of MySwimPro. Henson razors are designed in line with aerospace standards for the closest shave ever. The AL13 razor’s precision design reduces skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Plus, the razor and blades are 100% recyclable! Use code MYSWIMPRO to get 100 blades free with your purchase.

Master Spas Swim Spas

Train, recover and relax at home in a Master Spas swim spa! Using an adjustable water current, Master Spas allow you to swim in place. Swim all four strokes, do drills and get a killer workout. Use it to complement your pool sessions, or train exclusively at home! Master Spas are also great for hydrotherapy, aqua jogging and walking. Explore 16 different models to find one that fits your space, needs and lifestyle.

Master Spas is the official swim spa of MySwimPro. Shop with our link to get $500 off a hot tub or $1,000 off a swim spa.

KayakPro SwimFast Ergometer

To build strength that directly translates to your stroke, we recommend the KayakPro SwimFast Ergometer

The SwimFast is designed to complement your pool training to help you build strength and technique out of the water so you can swim faster. 

Go-To Gear

Aqua Knuckles Finger Separators

If you’re still swimming with your fingers cupped tightly together, it’s time to stop! Aqua Knuckles train you to swim with your fingers slightly separated, which increases the surface area of your hand and can make your pull more powerful. Use code MYSWIMPRO for 15% off >

Outex Waterproof Phone Cases

Take professional-quality underwater photos without damaging your phone! Outex phone cases fit nearly all smartphones and are cheaper than purchasing a waterproof action camera. Slip your phone into the case, and you’re good to go! Access your phone’s touch screen and side buttons and take photos as usual — no new apps to download! Use code outexmyswimpro for 10% off your order.

Nutrition Support

Genetic Reboot Program from Beine Wellness Building

Every athlete is different, and that means everyone’s nutritional needs are different, too! Beine Wellness Building’s Genetic Reboot Program tests 38 different genes to break down your unique nutrition profile. From food sensitivities to vitamin deficiencies to injury risk to recovery, the Genetic Reboot program covers it all, with four hours of in-depth, one-on-one work with a nutrition specialist.

Mention MySwimPro when booking your free consultation to receive an additional three months of nutrition support FREE after completing the Genetic Reboot Program ($60 value).

AG1 Powder

AG1 is the ultimate, daily, all-in-one supplement that supports performance, recovery and more. It’s packed with 75 vitamins and minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients that help with immune support, gut health, energy and recovery. Each serving includes pre and probiotics, adaptogens, a superfood complex and more. One serving of AG1 is the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables! Get a free, 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your purchase >

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