Are you looking to improve your technique in breaststroke? Follow this personalized 4-Week Training Plan in the MySwimPro app!

Improve your technique and swim breaststroke more efficiently with personalized workouts tailored to your speed, skill level, and goals.

Breaststroke Technique Training Plan Overview

  • Schedule: 4 weeks long, swim 3 times per week
  • Workouts: 12
  • Average Workout: 1,700 yards/meters
  • Goal: Learn how to swim breaststroke with perfect technique, and swim breaststroke more efficiently.

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Who’s it for? This plan is designed for any swimmer that would like to focus on developing their breaststroke technique, refining their timing, and swimming more efficiently.

How does it work? Each workout will guide you through a warmup, main set, and cool down. Some workouts will be more technique focused than others. Every swim will incorporate at least some breaststroke training during the workout.

The training plan features a 100 breaststroke test set every third workout. If you follow the training plan’s recommended three workouts per week, you will test your breaststroke speed once per week.

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How to Train with MySwimPro

In the MySwimPro app, every Swim Workout and Training Plan is customized to your Skill Level. Head to the pool with confidence, knowing you’re getting exactly the training you need to reach your goals.

As a MySwimPro member, you’ll unlock:

  1. Personalized Training Intervals that are tailored to your speed and automatically adjust as you get faster.
  2. SetBar™ that shows your expected swim time vs. rest time for every Rep in a Set. This is a game changer if you’re new to interval training!
  3. Workout Scaler that allows you to quickly increase or decrease the distance and duration of your Workout to make it fit your schedule.
  4. Compatibility with Apple and Garmin smartwatches. Sync your Workouts to your watch for Set-by-Set guidance!
  5. Detailed Analytics about every Workout, including splits, heart rate, SWOLF score, stroke rate, strokes per lap and more.
  6. Technique Videos explaining drills for all 4 strokes, plus educational videos to help you improve your performance.
  7. A fresh Workout of the Day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  8. The MySwimPro Workout Library, packed with hundreds of swim workouts personalized to your speed and skill level.

How To Swim Perfect Breaststroke

If you struggle with breaststroke, your stroke timing might be to blame. Without proper timing, your breaststroke will fall apart, and you will find it really difficult to make it across the pool efficiently.

It’s helpful to break your breaststroke into three steps:

  1. Pull: You’ll take a breath here as well. Focus on maintaining a high elbow catch and powering your arms forward!
  2. Kick: Kick as your arms shoot forward into streamline. Maintain your momentum with a strong kick between pulls.
  3. Glide: Spend a beat in streamline between each stroke to take advantage of the “glide.” How long you glide depends on your stroke tempo and the race you’re swimming. Swimmers racing the 200 breaststroke will glide more than swimmers racing the 50!

Every stroke, think “pull, kick, glide” to nail your timing! Watch this video for helpful tips!

Ready to get started? Open the MySwimPro app to get your personalized Training Plan >

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