In a world where health journeys often intersect with tales of resilience and determination, Brian Kintz‘s story stands out as a testament to the power of personal commitment and discipline.

From battling a 38-year smoking habit to diving headfirst into a year-long swimming journey, Brian’s transformation is nothing short of inspiring.

Watch our exclusive interview with MySwimPro Member, Brian! This was filmed in November 2023, at the MySwimPro Swim Camp in the Canary Islands, Spain.

“I smoked for 38 years. Kicking that nasty habit, was the best thing ever. I used to be addicted to smoking, now I’m addicted to swimming!”

Brian Kintz

From Smoker to Swimmer – A Journey of Discipline and Transformation

“I smoked for 38 years,” Brian confesses, reflecting on the decades-long struggle with a habit that had taken its toll on his health. Yet, in a moment of clarity, he made the decision to kick the habit, marking it as one of the best decisions of his life. However, for Brian, quitting smoking was just the beginning.

Embarking on a journey to reclaim his health, Brian turned to swimming as a means to rehabilitate his lungs and rejuvenate his body.

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“When I stopped smoking, I was like, what can I do to help get these lungs back into some sort of shape?” he recalls. Thus began his journey into the world of swimming, a journey he describes as “even better” than quitting smoking.

Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to a rigorous swimming routine wasn’t without its challenges. Brian recounts the initial struggle of finding guidance and setting goals.

However, armed with determination and a thirst for improvement, he sought out resources like YouTube and eventually discovered the MySwimPro app, which provided structured workouts and kept him accountable.

Swimming, with its low-impact nature and high cardiovascular benefits, proved to be the perfect fit for Brian, especially following a knee injury.

The discipline of swimming three days a week, coupled with the structured guidance of the MySwimPro app, became instrumental in Brian’s journey towards better health.

Beyond the physical benefits, Brian emphasizes the mental and emotional rewards of swimming. The rhythmic breathing and meditative quality of being in the water contribute to a sense of calm and well-being, complementing his intense personality with a balanced state of mind.

As Brian navigates the indoor pool amidst the cold Colorado winters, his commitment to swimming remains unwavering. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, he finds camaraderie and motivation, further fueling his passion for the sport.

At the heart of Brian’s transformation lies discipline—an unwavering commitment to self-improvement and a relentless pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. With each stroke, he moves closer to his goal of optimizing his lung health and embracing a fulfilling life ahead.

In Brian Kintz’s journey, we find not just a story of overcoming adversity, but a testament to the transformative power of discipline, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s personal best.

As he continues to swim towards his goals, Brian inspires us to push past our own limitations and strive for excellence in every aspect of life.

We are so proud of Brian and appreciate him sharing his story with us! Brian joined us in Spain at the November 2023 Canary Islands MySwimPro Swim Camp.

We had a great time training together, sharing meals, and becoming friends over the week.

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