For those of us who spend quite a lot of time around pools, we know that there are are not a lot of activities that bring families together, quite like swimming.

In a world where busy schedules can sometimes pull families apart, the Ivey family found an extraordinary way to stay connected – through swimming.

For Kyle and Pam Ivey, the pool is more than just a place for exercise – it’s a home away from home that helps this mother and son duo encourage each other, find joy, and overcome the grief of Kyle’s father’s passing.

I mean, it’s pretty cool that Kyle gets to tell people“I competed on a relay with my mom!”

Their journey as a family of swimmers represents how the water can build stronger connections, and give us all the tools we need to overcome the tough hurdles in life.

Watch our exclusive interview with them at the 2024 MySwimPro Swim Retreat in Crete, Greece.

A Legacy of Swimming

Pam Ivey’s love for swimming started early. “I was definitely swimming by the time I was six,” she recalls. Growing up in a family that cherished summer recreational swimming, Pam seamlessly transitioned into lifeguarding and teaching swim classes.

It was only natural that she married another swimmer, and together they made sure their children were introduced to the water at a very young age.

Their son, Kyle Ivey, was no exception. “I learned to swim at the UCLA pool. I remember having my second birthday party there,” Kyle says.

When the family moved to Las Vegas, swimming became a vital part of their daily life, especially in the scorching summer heat. From age five to thirteen, the pool was Kyle’s sanctuary and playground.

Pam’s encouragement played a crucial role in Kyle’s development as a young swimmer. She was there for early morning practices, weekend training sessions, and eventually, competitive meets.

Inspiration from a Swim Dad

Kyle’s father, an avid swimmer himself, played a crucial role in this family tradition. He joined a Masters swim team, setting an example of dedication and balance.

“My dad would swim early in the morning, around 5:30 AM, before heading off to work,” Kyle remembers. This commitment to swimming and health left a lasting impression on Kyle.

The sudden passing of Kyle’s father in 2013 was a profound moment.

Despite his father’s athleticism—having completed a 30-mile bike ride the day he passed away—his death underscored the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “It anchored my resolve to take good care of my heart and my body,” Kyle says, which brought him back to competitive swimming as an adult.

Mother-Son Bond: Swimming Together

The bond between Kyle and his mother, Pam, deepened further when they decided to hop back in the pool and compete together. The duo began training together regularly, pushing each other to improve, and get faster. Participating in a Masters swim meet in Southern California was a real highlight for them!

Pam invited Kyle to extend his Thanksgiving visit so they could all compete. “It was just a great experience to have us all together, doing something we love as a team and as a family,” Pam reflects. Swimming individual events while sharing the competition environment brought a new dimension to their relationship.

“We had an Ivey relay—me, my mom, and my sister Brooke, it was an unforgettable experience.”

Kyle Ivey

“I train with my mom”

Their first competitive meet together was the perfect goal for them to reach toward together.

With the help of the workouts in the MySwimPo app, the Iveys train regularly, focusing on perfecting their techniques, and improving their endurance.

That special time spent together in the pool is priceless. Yes, the swim meet was fun – but the consistency of supporting each other in their training is what really helps them stay connected.

The 2024 MySwimPro Swim Retreat in Crete, Greece

In January 2024, Pam proposed another adventure: a swim retreat in Crete, Greece, organized by MySwimPro. “I thought it would be nice to travel with someone,” Pam says.

Without hesitation, Kyle agreed, and they booked their tickets!

“It’s great getting to swim together,” Kyle says. Sharing lanes, drafting off each other, and pushing through challenging sets, they had a wonderful time. “We can both look at each other and know we’re talking about the same struggle and joy,” Pam adds.

The retreat was more than just a swim camp; it was a time for them to bond over their shared passion, and create lifelong memories.

The Family That Swims Together, Stays Together

Reflecting on their time in Crete, Pam and Kyle agree that it was an experience of a lifetime. “This is great quality time, and we’re spending it doing something we both have such an investment in—keeping ourselves healthy and active,” Pam says.

The retreat offered them the perfect blend of challenging workouts and relaxing downtime, all while exploring the beautiful island of Crete.

Kyle sums it up perfectly: “This is time really well spent that we wouldn’t otherwise get in the real world.”

In the Ivey family, swimming isn’t just a sport—it’s a tradition, a passion, and a way of staying connected.

Their story is a testament to the power of swimmings in bringing families closer together, proving that a family that swims together, truly stays together.

Kyle and Pam Ivey’s story is a heartwarming reminder of how swimming can strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

We are so grateful to Kyle and Pam for joining us in Crete, and for sharing their journey!

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