As the Paris Olympics draw near, the anticipation for the swimming events is palpable.

MySwimPro CEO and Coach Fares Ksebati is back at it agin with his top ten predictions for the upcoming games. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Men’s 50 and 100 Meter Freestyle Showdown

The men’s 50 and 100 meter freestyle will be the highlight of the competition. With swimmers like Caeleb Dressel, Flo Manadou, Chris Giuliano, Cameron McEvoy, Ben Proud, and Josh Liendo, the races are set to be electrifying. Any of these athletes could clinch the title, making it one of the most competitive events.

2. Mixed Medley Relay Redemption

The U.S. mixed medley relay team is set to redeem themselves after their disappointing performance in Tokyo. With a strategic combination of swimmers, they are likely to not only podium but potentially break the world record.

3. Increased Swimming Drama

Expect heightened drama and smack talk in swimming, fueled by social media. Rivalries, especially between the Americans and Australians, will add an extra layer of excitement to the events.

“If somebody said that to me, I would lose it. I would make them eat every word they just said about me.”

Michael Phelps, in reaction to Australian Swimmer Cate Campbell’s remarks
@nbcolympics “I would make them eat every word they said about me.” Michael Phelps got FIRED UP about the USA vs. Australia swimming rivalry ahead of the #ParisOlympics. #teamusa #swimming ♬ original sound – NBC Olympics & Paralympics

4. Leon Marchand’s Record-Breaking Performance

French swimmer Leon Marchand is predicted to break the four-minute barrier in the 400 IM, setting a new world record and leaving a significant mark in swimming history.

5. Sprinting vs. Distance Swimming

While sprinting events are becoming faster and more competitive, distance swimming hasn’t seen the same level of improvement. This could open opportunities for less expected finalists in distance events.

6. Sarah Sjöström’s Dominance

Sarah Sjöström of Sweden will solidify her status as the greatest female sprinter of all time. Her consistency and ability to bounce back from injuries make her a formidable competitor in Paris.

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7. Doping Controversies

Unfortunately, doping drama is anticipated. With recent rumors and suspicions, it wouldn’t be surprising to see medals recalled in the years following the Olympics due to doping violations.

8. Katie Ledecky’s Medal Milestone

Katie Ledecky is poised to become the most decorated female swimmer of all time. With ten Olympic medals already, she is likely to surpass the current record held by Jenny Thompson, Dara Torres, and Natalie Coughlin, reaching 13 or 14 medals.

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9. Women’s 200 IM Showdown

The women’s 200 IM will be a fierce battle among top swimmers like Kaylee McKeown, Kate Douglass, Alex Walsh, and Summer McIntosh. This event will showcase the best all-around female swimmers, making it a must-watch race.

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10. U.S. Dominance in Medal Count

The United States will dominate the swimming medal count, continuing their historical trend. Despite a strong challenge from Australia, the U.S. is expected to lead by a significant margin, reaffirming their supremacy in the pool.

These predictions set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable swimming competition at the Paris Olympics. Let’s see how many of these hot takes come true!

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