Today, we’re sharing a challenging IM workout from the senior group at the Grosse Pointe Swim Club in Michigan. As one of the coaches for our 200-member USA swim club, I get to coach alongside some very creative coaches, so when head coach John Fodell sent me this workout, I got really pumped up. Not because of the physical demands I knew it would place on our athletes, but for its creativity and uniqueness!

Notes From Head Coach John Fodell

“16 x 400s in any fashion gets all the muscles engaged, and keeps the swimmers moving! It’s not boring when you break it up, the swimmers get into it, and it looks cool to say you did it! I felt like the output from everyone was very good, it’s a 6,400 yard main set, so there’s not much resting going on. We gave them extra rest before the last broken, and they really got up for it, which made it fun!”

#1-8: With Fins
#9-12: Without Fins
#13-15: With Fins
#16: Fins optional
Each series of three or four 400s had a stroke focus. Anytime there were 25s or 50s, these were at 100 or 200pace. With fins, you can sustain a much higher rate of speed, and gives you the opportunity to work on good underwater work off the walls. Some of the top swimmers spent around half of the 6,400 yard set underwater because of quality streamlines off the walls and long pullouts.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download
The last 400 IM was broken (100 Butterfly, 100 Backstroke, 100 Breaststroke, 100 Freestyle) for time! Our fastest time came from Jacob Montage who dipped under 3:30 with fins splitting a :51 (Fly), :53 (Bk), :58 (Br), :46 (Fr).

Steven Lesha and Jacob Montage pumped up after workout!

Steven Lesha and Jacob Montage pumped up after workout!
After the IM set, we worked our way into a freestyle technique session. We worked on body position, hand entry and establishing an early vertical forearm. It’s always good to finish workout swimming with a perfect stroke with a proper body position.

I thought it was a good set, and we’re going to do it again, but you can always make a set better!

Do you have a unique workout or set that you’d like us to feature? Shoot me an email at and let’s chat!


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