We’re super excited to share that MySwimPro was named the best Watch App of the year by Apple. We’re thrilled to share this honor with Sketchbook Motion (iPad), Prisma (iPhone) and Twitter (Apple TV). You can check out the original press-release by Apple here.

MySwimPro is the world’s first swimming app for the Apple Watch. We launched the app in September 2016. The app guides you through swim workouts set by set just like a personal coach would. It works by syncing a swim workout from the iPhone App to the Apple Watch. MySwimPro for iPhone features hundreds of swim workouts organized by skill level, stroke category and workout duration.
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The workout functionality is only available on the Apple Watch Series 2 because it’s water resistant to 50m. The Apple Watch Series 1 will still display a swimmer’s profile stats. Note: The watch is water resistant whether the Water Lock feature is on or off.
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“It’s exciting to see our app get recognized by Apple and show the world what we’ve been working on!” – Adam Oxner, Co-Founder & iOS Product Manager

Featured in Sports Illustrated: Swimming app MySwimPro named Apple Watch app of the year
The Watch App offers three experiences for swimmers to choose from: Structured Workout, Pool Swim, or Open Water Swim. Biometric data such as heart rate, distance, and pace per 100 is logged in real-time and syncs with HealthKit.
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To get the Apple Watch app, download or update to the latest version of the MySwimPro app for iPhone, then sync your Apple Watch with your phone.

For unlimited workouts and swim training plans right on your wrist, click here to start your free 7-day trial of MySwimPro Premium!



  1. I want to turn the water lock on before I swim, but, I believe the myswimpro stops? Am I correct, and, what should I do?

    • Your Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant whether it’s on or off and regardless of what app is launched. The water lock mode “locks” the screen so buttons and notifications don’t accidentally get pressed. Think about when the screen on your phone is wet or you try to touch it with wet fingers – it doesn’t work so well. The water lock makes sure you don’t accidentally interact with the screen when the water touches it! When the water lock is turned off, it clears the speaker on the watch of water. As a precautionary measure, you may want to turn on and off the water lock when you are done swimming to get the water out of the speaker.

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